10 little tricks that will help you accelerate your way to have a wasp waist


If your pants have started to tighten and your dresses don’t look as good as they should … attention! You could be accumulating fat around the waist.

The more bulky your abdomen is, ranging from the ribs to the lower navel, the more risk you have of android obesity, a type of excess abdominal fat that accumulates on the belly and is caused by hormonal problems and poor diet. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce this area without going to the gym or going on a diet.

1. Wear pressure garments

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Use a girdle that goes from the crotch to the navel, try to make it lycra and not rods. Those that have the shape of a pantie are also functional: they are larger and cover more of the skin, they do not hurt and they help you improve the silhouette.

2. Inhale deeply

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Add your stomach when walking and every time you sit down, go as deep as you can, but without being forced. This type of breathing exercise strengthens the muscles in your abdomen.

3. Enjoy the taste of fruits

girl eating fruits

Drink juices detoxification constantly. A lemonade with beets, carrot juice with pineapple and turmeric or a smoothie strawberry with aloe vera.

4. Add food to your routine

girl drinking tea

Drink a chamomile tea after each meal and one before bed, make it as hot as possible and try to make it a natural infusion. This will help you burn fat accumulated in the abdomen.

5. Remember that water is your best friend

girl drinking water

Drink two liters of water a day. This will keep your skin hydrated and improve your digestion.

6. Wear clothes that fit your body

girl wearing high pants

Carries pants that fit above or above the waist so as not to deform your silhouette.

7. Avoid some foods

girl eating salad

Try to control your intake of sugars and flours; the more you consume, the more likely you are to fatten the abdomen.

8. Improve your posture

girl walking down the street

Stand as straight as you can, add your stomach and try to walk with your hips naturally. This will happen when you take one step after another in a straight line. This will rotate your waist a little, slowly molding it as you walk.

9. Add accessories to your attire

girl wearing beanie

Wear medium width belts, never too thin or too thick; don’t squeeze it too tight or the annoying love handles will pop up. This will help you create an optical illusion by enhancing your waist.

10. Wear comfortable underwear

girl wearing dark clothes

It may not be the sexiest, but it is ideal. Opt for underwear that fits above the waist or above the navel, garments with wide elastics enhance the waist.

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