10 simple routines for a steel abdomen in less than 20 minutes


There are many abdominal routines, but these are usually combined with other exercises or require special equipment to perform them. So we set out to find the simplest, most complete and inexpensive routines on YouTube that can help you have a belly as firm as Iron Man’s without failing in the attempt.

Remember that for these exercises to have favorable results, you must combine them with good hydration (two liters of water a day), reduce the consumption of both sugar and carbohydrates and enrich your diet with fiber, fruits and vegetables. Although it may seem a bit tedious, the result will be worth it.

1. Something intense for almost immediate results

2. Two benefits in a few movements

3. So simple that you won’t believe it

4. Join the best challenge of your life

5. Dust off that rope and get active

6. Start with something light

7. Get a wasp waist

8. It will not take you 10 minutes to achieve your goal

9. Add tension for firmness

10. Have fun and exercise at the same time

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