10 Tips to pack your suitcase that will make your trip easier


One of the biggest problems we face when we go on a trip is having to pack our suitcase: it becomes really obnoxious to have to fold clothes to fit in such a tight space. For some it is a science … but in reality it is very simple.

In Ok girls We understand all your fears, that’s why we found 10 ways in which you can pack your suitcase without taking so much time; even the impossible to pack becomes easy to carry.

1. Empty spaces are never an option

 correct way you can pack your suitcase

The gaps will make your clothes crinkle terribly, so try to fill them with paper or a souvenir.

2. Bring only the necessary medications

correct way to pack medicine

Try to carry only those medicines that you think you may need, you can even take them out of their boxes and store them in sandwich bags. This will take up less space and you can pack the necessary things.

3. Think about what items are really essential

Suitcase packed only with necessary clothes

The dryer or laptop can stay at home, most hotels have internet service and dryers in the bathrooms. If you go to the beach and want to bring items such as inflatables or diving glasses, consider buying them in the place where you will go.

4. Roll up your clothes instead of stacking them

Correct way to pack the clothes rolled

So your clothes will take up less space and you can carry all the clothes you love.

5. You can pack in vacuum sealed bags

Suitcase packed with vacuum sealed bags

Try packing large-volume items in airtight, vacuum-sealed bags, such as jackets or blankets. Another benefit is that when you are back you can store dirty clothes there.

6. Try to continue with the “pyramid model”

Suitcase packed in the shape of a pyramid

It consists of arranging the shoes along the suitcase, then right there accommodating the long garments such as pants or dresses, leaving their ends outside so that they serve as a kind of cover. In the remaining hollow of the suitcase place your shirts and the rest of the rolled clothes; finally cover with pants. In this way your clothes will not wrinkle and fragile things, such as makeup, will not break.

7. Traveling with an umbrella is not an option

Messy suitcase and dress inside a case

Umbrellas require a lot of space in a suitcase, so it is best if you bring a rubber raincoat for the rain; It will take up a very small space in the suitcase and will be as helpful as an umbrella.

8. Take miniature versions of your products

Correct way to carry products in a suitcase

Some stores sell miniature items that don’t take up much space. Sometimes we have to sacrifice cosmetics to carry things of great importance, but in this way it is easier.

9. Correctly stores small items

Correct way to store small items for travel

Small things like jewelry, cosmetics, USB sticks can be stored in sandwich bags, or you can get a pill box and store them there to take up less space.

10. Store your most valuable objects in cases

Messy suitcase and dress inside a case

Ball gowns or tailor suits cannot be rolled up like other casual clothes because they are more easily mistreated. It is best to get a canvas cover that can be easily hung.

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