10 Tricks to hold your mask in an elegant way


We are still in the middle of the pandemic and wearing a mask to go out to do all our activities is very necessary. Yes, we know that they are quite annoying, especially in the back of the ears, but thanks to them we can significantly help reduce infections.

What to do to avoid that little annoyance? Well, you can use small accessories to hold them. Thus, wearing a mask will become easier than you think and the best thing is that you will continue to look very Fashion.

1. Nothing better than fastening it with clasps

Girl using clothespins to fasten her face mask

2. The chonguitos look Elegant and help to hold it well

Girl holding her mask with two buns of hair

3. Tie the scarf behind the head

Chinese hair girl showing how to hold a face mask

4. Secure it with your braids

Girl wearing a mask while holding it with her braids

5. Make sure the headband does match with mascara

Girl wearing a face mask fastened with a headband that has buttons

6. You can make your own button headband

Girl holding her mask with a bandana and buttons

7. A scarf will also help protect you

Girl wearing a scarf to cover her face

8. With a braid to hold it better

Girl holding a face mask with a pair of clothespins

9. With a few small pins it will look incredible

Girl taking a selfie while showing how to hold her mask

10. A bandana will help you create various styles

Girl wearing a mask fastened with a bandana

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