12 Items and clothing we will need for a return to activities


Being #JuntosEnCasa has been the best experience in recent months; however, the time has come to resume our daily activities, taking into account certain precautionary measures.

To adapt to the new normal we will have to make changes from our attitude to our wardrobe and accessories, carrying new essential items in the bag but without forgetting that touch of glamor that characterizes girls.

For this reason, we share 12 items and clothing that you cannot miss on your return to activities and that we find in the Liverpool online store.

1. Protect yourself at all times

Girl wearing a face shield

When leaving the house, use a light, resistant, adjustable protection mask that allows you to have greater mobility during your activities. You can get it here.

2. Keep your space shiny

Bai brand antibacterial spray

Carry a pocket disinfectant with you to clean surfaces and items that you will be in contact with. Find it right here.

3. Don’t forget the wet wipes

Pack of Escudo wet wipes

The best option will be to carry a pack of wipes without aroma and with antibacterial properties. Here you get them.

4. Clean hands 24/7

250 ml Barcelona Pharma antibacterial gel

To keep your hands free of any viruses or bacteria, use antibacterial gel without fragrance and light consistency, so your hands will not dry out. Find the best option here.

5. Make the mouth mask your new ally

Kumerc washable black mask set

The face mask has become the new staple. Because your mobility will be greater, you will need more than one; go for those that are washable and sturdy. Get them here.

6. Always fashion, never in fashion

Girls wearing A-cut dresses

It was time to take off your pajamas. Opt for a light A-line dress with seasonal floral prints, and show the world that the flame of your glamor remains current. Get it here.

7. Become the center of attention!

Girls in flower dresses

Come back to the office with a casual dress that reflects the freshness, vitality and elegance that characterizes you. Choose prints in fresh colors or vibrant combinations to be the center of attention. Find the best options here.

8. Add the latest fashion to your wardrobe

Girls in modern clothes

Spending great time at home does not mean that your style and taste for fashion should be compromised. Conquer the world again with the basics of the season in blouses, a little black dress and a blouse in light tones. They are in Liverpool and you find everything in one place by clicking and receiving at home.

9. A romantic and dreamy touch

Girls with clothes in pink tones

The pink and melon tones are perfect for a Look dreamy, relaxed and romantic. In addition, they give your style a touch of security that will make you shine wherever you go. Get the best clothes here.

10. Give knock out heat

Girls in heat tempered clothing

Take advantage of the hot season to renew your wardrobe with Shorts and casual dresses that you can wear with tennis, sandals or stiletto heels according to the occasion. Find the best designs online.

eleven) Hippie chic very stylish

Black sandals with high heel

To return to your daily activities you will need fresh, comfortable and safe footwear that allows you to stay on your feet for several hours, but without losing style. Opt for square-heeled sandals for added support. Buy them here.

12. Don’t forget the classics

High platform running shoe

Give your style a 90s touch with a high platform that supports you during your activities. Find them here.

With these 12 items and clothes that you can buy at liverpool.com.mx, you will surely return to this new normal as a better version of yourself.

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