12 Workout Routines With Resistance Leagues To Tone Your Body


Resistance bands or bands have become the basic complement of sports girls, as they are not only cheap and easy to use, they also improve physical resistance, flexibility, stimulate muscle growth and tone problem areas with flaccidity.

To check all its benefits, choose one or more of these 12 routines, dust off your garters, avoid the consumption of white flour and in less than a month you will see the results.

1. Ideal for beginners

2. Tone your legs

3. Keep your abdomen firm

4. The perfect cardio does exist

5. Burn fat effectively

6. Eliminate the chubby ones from the back

7. For super firm arms

8. Get nice buttocks

9. Tone your whole body

10. Firm bust at 3… 2… 1…

11. Increase your strength

12. Simple abductions

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