13 side braids we never managed to comb


Side braids are the new seasonal hairstyle, they can be combined with various styles, add brooches and even add a sophisticated and relaxed touch to your style.

Stop worrying about your braids being perfectly aligned and check out these 13 side-braided hairstyle ideas.

1. Decorate with rings for a chic touch

Girl posing in profile with loose hair and a side braid decorated with hoops

2. Combine with a ponytail

Girl from behind with military green vest and sky blue shirt, hairstyle with high ponytail and half side braid

3. Get inspired by the Vikings

Girl posing in profile with closed eyes hairstyle with high bun and a side braid with hoops

4. Create your own style!

Girl sitting on the edge of a step, posing sideways, showing a hairstyle in ponytail with headband side braid

5. Romantic and dreamy

Girl turned on her back showing her low ponytail hairstyle with knitted half braid

6. Perfect for a casual party

Girl smiling showing her hairstyle in side braid

7. Forget about plastic headbands

Girl smiling, showing her braid hairstyle to the side

8. Mix different styles

Girl with side braid made with twists

9. As relaxed as you

Girl posing sideways showing her hairstyle in side braid

10. Short manes are not far behind

Short hair girl dyed in pale pink, posing sideways and showing a side braid hairstyle

11. A braid for a special touch

Girl with long black hair straightened with a side braid

12. Let your waves dictate your style

Girl with blonde hair loose in waves and a small side braid

13. Perfect to conquer Instagram

Girl are side braid into large, loose wedges

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