13 Tips for dressing elegant without destroying your savings


To dress elegantly, you don’t have to spend all your savings or renew your wardrobe; the secret is in the way of combining the accessories, garments and colors of these.

If you want to look elegant 24/7 you must first maintain a safe attitude, and from here the following tips will only be accessories to achieve your mission. Check out what we are talking about, take the ones that best suit your style and become the next Carolina Herrera.

1. Take care of your hair

Girl sitting on a stool showing her long hair

Keep it clean and hydrated for a healthy look. Remember that your mane is an important part of your cover letter, because depending on how you wear it, it will give others an appearance of cleanliness, neatness and elegance.

2. Opt for the basics

Wardrobe Basics Guide

Timeless pieces like white shirts, A-line skirts and dark-toned shoes always add a refined touch to your look.

3. Perfect lips

Red, nude and pink painted women's lips

Red, pink and naked They are the perfect accessories for women who want to look sophisticated 24/7.

4. Find the ideal heels

Nude stilettos shoe with ribbons

We love to use floors and sneakers for comfort but a good pair of stiletto heels it makes the difference.

5. Smile!

Lily Collin smiling for a casual photo shoot

There is nothing more reliable, secure and elegant than a smile. In addition, it reflects how beautiful you feel, not only physically but emotionally.

6. Accessories are everything

Girl wearing basic accessories

Opt for accessories in sizes provided. Do not carry more than four to five in it attire.

7. A few drops of perfume

Perfume bottles for women with subtle smells

Find a scent that defines you and makes others remember you; This is the best accessory for an elegant woman.

8. Add a blazer

Girl wearing outfits with blazer in basic tones

Even when you wear pants and a pair of tennis, if you add a blazer Your style will completely change from casual to elegant. Don’t forget that this garment is considered a new wardrobe staple.

9. Choose your patterns carefully

Girl wearing a yellow palazzo with black and white prints

Try to find the right print for your silhouette and age, because although some are beautiful, not all of them will look good on us. Dare to combine and wear new clothes.

10. Remember that less is more

Kendall Jenner with casual outfit in denim and heels

You don’t have to carry hundreds of accessories or clothes to let the world know that you are elegant, as this could detract from your credibility. Wear only the necessary clothing and accessories, and let your style speak for you.

11. Discreet makeup

Girl taking a selfie in natural tones

The more natural your makeup looks the more sophisticated you will look. Find the ones that best suit your skin type and make the most of them.

12. How about a manicure

Girl showing a gelish in neutral colors

Your hands speak of you. Pamper yourself with a gelish in neutral tones or, well, do your manicure at home. Forget about children’s prints and fluorescent colors.

13. Get the most out of your wardrobe

Girl checking her wardrobe

Dare to create different combinations with your existing clothes. If you are forced to buy clothes, don’t forget to go for some basic ones, without prints, of neutral colors and good quality.

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