14 dark lipsticks that only witches have in their cosmetic bag


The tones naked they are the wild card of us women; We use them on clothes, eye shadows and lipsticks. We know that a tone naked It will save us from any beauty emergency and will leave us well planted, and yes! It is absolutely true, but if you want to add more personality and strength to your appearance, then give dark lipstick a chance, you don’t know how elegant and sexy you will look.

These colors have the reputation of making you look a little “gothic”, but nothing to do, because they are very sophisticated and you can use them at any time of the day. Get inspired to use them with these photos and lose your fear.

1. Elegant cherry

shay mitchell with icing lipstick

2. Sophisticated for special events

Long brown hair model wears icing lipstick

3. Cherry passion

Blonde girl with platinum hair with icing lipstick

4. All the glamor on your lips

Blonde model with short hair poses with cherry lipstick

5. Sophisticated brown

Latin Girl With Long Black Hair Loose Wears Brown Lipstick

6. For the newspaper it is also valid

Latin Girl With Long Black Hair Loose Wears Brown Lipstick

7. Bold purple

Blonde girl with short hair with yellow eye makeup and purple lipstick

8. In the brown skin turned out incredible

Brunette girl with short hair wears purple lipstick

9. Blue with personality

Brunette woman with brown hair wears extravagant eye makeup and blue lipstick

10. Kylie Jenner also dared

Kylie Jenner with blue lipstick

11. Green I love you green

Blonde girl with hair tied up in a black scarf wears dark green lipstick

12. Rihanna wears it like no one else

Rihanna with green lipstick

14. Black is not just for “dark

White girl with black hair with braids and black lipstick

14. With effect brightness it’s also fabulous

Dark-skinned model wears black lipstick and gloss

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