14 ideas to celebrate your 30 as the queen you are


If you are planning how to celebrate your 30th birthday and the only thing that comes to your mind is a meal with your family or a movie afternoon with friends, you have come to the right place.

We share with you 14 incredible options to celebrate your birthday as the queen you are, because reaching this stage is a great achievement and you deserve to celebrate with a beach party, roasting marshmallows in the moonlight or with a change of Look. Check these options, they deserve everything!

1. Theme party

Themed parties to celebrate 30 years

Barbies, 80s, Hawaiian style, you choose!

2. Karaoke afternoon

Party girls singing karaoke

Loudly sing your favorite songs.

3. At the seashore

Girls sitting on the beach at the seashore

Alone or in the company of your best friends. An afternoon by the waves of the sea to forget about the problems and duties of adult life.

4. Camping in the forest

Party girls camping in the woods

Reconnect with nature.

5 of purchases!

Group of female friends going out shopping with pastel pink sacks

Each stage of your life deserves a attire new.

6) Pijama

Group of friends at a sleepover party

Movies, snacks, cakes and the company of your friends.

7. A relaxing afternoon

Group of friends lying on a bed wearing masks with cucumber slices

Masks, massages and a glass of wine.

8. Makeup

Makeup in neutral tones with red lipstick

Long lasting and good quality to pamper the skin of your face.

9. New shoes

Girl buying shoes of all colors

A pair is never enough.

10. Picnic!

Group of girlfriends on picnic afternoon

The ideal option if you are looking for something relaxed.

11. Photo session

Girls celebrating their 30th birthday in a casual photo shoot

Immortalize your beauty. You are at your best stage.

12. Of club

Group of friends partying at the club

Because from now on you will not reveal yourself with the same intensity.

13. Change of Look

Girl before and after changing her look

It is time to renew.

14. At a concert

Group of friends at a music festival

You’re still young, you still have enough energy to rock out.

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