15 delicious breakfasts with which you will not get bored of eating eggs


Many girls love to create works of art in the kitchen to later taste their delicious creations; However, not all of them have the creativity or inspiration to cook something different every day, let alone the time, because those who work and do not want to neglect their diet do not always have the opportunity to prepare something tasty and easy.

These are some perfect recipes for a complete breakfast whose main ingredient is the egg as it is rich in proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals and it is also easy to acquire. Forget about repeating the menu because you will have plenty of options for the whole week.

1. Wrap egg

Egg wrap

Quick to prepare, filling and although it is not light it gives you the energy you need to start the day. Find the recipe here.

2. Egg sandwich

Egg sandwich

Perfect for eating at home or on the way to work or college; you can make it in 10 minutes or less and enjoy a delicious blend of flavors. Learn how to prepare it here.

3. Poached eggs

Poached eggs

You’ll need to practice a few times before you get an Instagram-worthy photo saucer, but it’s definitely worth the challenge. Enjoy the recipe here.

4. Egg to nest

Egg to nest

If you love that your food looks cute and you are a foodstagrammer this option is for you. Find the recipe here.

5. Bread with avocado and egg

Bread with avocado and egg

The favorite of many and of course if it mixes three delicious foods such as avocado, bread and egg. Do not hesitate to prepare it because you are going to love it. Learn how to prepare it here.

6. French omelette with tomato

French omelette with tomato

It is a variable so as not to get bored, it is simple to prepare and the best thing is that you include some vegetables that should not be missing from your diet. Enjoy the recipe here.

7. Egg with bell pepper

Egg with bell pepper

A simple way to add vegetables to your breakfast and to get out of the typical fried egg that you have been eating forever. Find the recipe here.

8. Egg and ham croissant

Egg and ham croissant

Ideal for days when you want one more lunch luxurious and without spending too much. You can eat it at home or transport it to work. Learn how to prepare it here.

9. Tortilla of cheese

Cheese omelette

This breakfast is sure to become your favorite and is much less complicated to prepare than you think; the best thing is that you can add another ingredient if you think that just the cheese is not enough. Enjoy the recipe here.

10. Synchronized with egg

Synchronized with egg

Every Mexican loves quesadillas or synchronized and it is not only for its flavor but also for the simplicity of its ingredients, ideal for those days in a hurry. Find the recipe here.

11. Eggs in avocado

Eggs in avocado

A classic that we usually see in fit life, and although it seems impossible to prepare you should know that it is very simple. Learn and enjoy this delight. Learn how to prepare it here.

12. Cheese toast with egg

Cheese toast with egg

Simple and with few ingredients, but perfect for those days with little desire to prepare something more complex. Enjoy the recipe here.

13. Muffin egg

Egg muffin

Everyone will think that you have spent more than an hour preparing your lunch, but you have not; It’s quick to prepare, delicious, and satisfies enough until it’s time for sandwich. Find the recipe here.

14. Egg with broccoli and ham

Egg with broccoli and ham

It will easily enter your top 5 favorites. The combination of ham mixed with broccoli will surprise you. Learn how to prepare it here.

15. Cheese, ham and egg toast

Cheese, ham and egg toast

If you want to surprise your partner with a rich breakfast but want to put aside the classics pancakes or chilaquiles this is the perfect idea, as they are ideal for giving snacks. Enjoy the recipe here.

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