15 healthy snacks with which you will not break the diet


Sometimes we believe that eating in a healthy and balanced way is not easy or that it takes many ingredients and time to prepare such foods, or that they just don’t taste good, but the truth is very different.

Eating and creating healthy food is a habit that must be implemented little by little, varying dishes and adding touches of flavor and color that catch our attention so that we eat well every day. And a good way is with appetizers, so you will forget about fast food and you will see that it is easy to maintain the diet.

1. Carrot sticks and celery with dressing

Healthy carrot and celery snack with dressing

Rich, easy and, best of all, healthy. Chop the carrots and celery, and make a delicious dressing or hummus.

2. Frozen blueberries with yogurt

Healthy frozen blueberry snack with yogurt

These snacks will refresh you while you enjoy your favorite romantic movie. The recipe is here.

3. Homemade popcorn

Healthy homemade popcorn snack

If you love popcorn, you will love knowing that you can make it yourself.

4. Roasted chickpeas

Healthy snack of roasted chickpeas

Crispy, delicious and with plenty of protein. It only takes a few minutes.

5. Sweet quinoa balls

Quinoa healthy balls snack

They will fascinate you and are perfect to calm the sweet craving you get. Learn how to do them easily.

6. Bread with avocado and tomato

Healthy avocado bread snack

Is he snack Perfect for when you want to fill up a little more but without feeling heavy. Give it the unique touch and enjoy.

7. Yogurt with chia

Healthy yogurt snack with chia

Fresh, easy to make and very rich, so you can share and enjoy your series on Netflix.

8. Yogurt with red berries

Healthy cottage cheese snack with red berries

Surely the simplest of all, but still very delicious. Try it and fall in love with its taste.

9. chips Made of veggies

Healthy snack of vegetable chips

Once you try them you will never want to buy processed chips again. They are delicious and healthy. Your recipe is here.

10. Nuts without salt

Healthy snack of nuts

All you have to do is buy your favorite nuts and eat them while enjoying your favorite movie.

11. Peanut Butter Sandwich

Healthy Peanut Butter Sandwich Snack

Quite rich, filling and ideal for the sweet and salty craving we sometimes have. Try and enjoy it.

12. Oatmeal cookies

Healthy snack of oatmeal cookies

If in addition to wanting to satisfy your craving, you want to cook a little, this idea will fascinate you, so what are you waiting for?

13. Pears with sesame and coconut

Healthy snack of pears with coconut

They will fascinate you and they are very simple to make, you only need an 80 percent chocolate bar of cocoa, you must melt it and bathe the pear with the chocolate, and sprinkle with coconut and sesame.

14. Chia and chocolate pudding

Healthy snack of chia pudding toast

Perfect for when you want something light but filling. Add your favorite fruits and enjoy.

15. Apple and cottage cheese

Healthy Apple Toast Snack with Cottage Cheese

You will like this combination a lot, in addition to being ideal for sharing and easy to make.

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