15 Hobbies that are a remedy for the soul after ending a relationship


When you break up with the person who complements you and consider yourself unconditional, a difficult period of mourning comes. Your routine changes when you delete your partner from your agenda, you start to miss their daily messages and it is difficult to let go of all those contained emotions. The adaptation process carries a feeling of loneliness and overwhelm.

If you have had a Thunder recent, you feel abandoned and a little boring, it is recommended that you start a new Hobbie Start moving, let go of those irrational feelings and do something that benefits your person in a positive way. Below you will be able to explore options that will help you meet again and help you say goodbye to the cycle that ended.

1. Take dance classes

dancers playing

Does your soul hurt? Do you need some joy in your heart? So dance, there are many dance classes: jazz, salsa, arab dance ballet, until hip hop. Move your body, shake the sadness, you will laugh a lot and you will even make new friends.

2. Find your internal music

girl playing piano

It is never too late to immerse yourself in the world of music, through sad sounds and songs you can find a very special consolation. Sing all those melodies that your heart wants to scream, learn to play the ukulele or the guitar. Maybe yours is the battery because you love the rock, don’t be afraid and explore your musical passions.

3. Learn a new language

hello gif

Can’t stop thinking about your ex? Then start using your mind to work on something more interesting like new words, expressions and sounds. Just think of the language you always wanted to learn and give yourself the opportunity to do so; You will meet new people and you may end up dating a sultry Italian or German gentleman.

4. What do you think about designing your wardrobe

girl sewing

Sewing can become a very addictive activity, you can start with something simple like turning a pair of jeans into Shorts or design a skirt. Join sewing classes or follow a tutorial to learn how to make summer dresses. It will keep you busy and you will have unique sets made by you.

5. Kick butt with a martial art

girls boxing

Maybe you are upset and want to scream, it is part of the duel to feel anger. The best way to let her out, without hurting someone, is to take a class that involves hitting and kicking. A karate, krav maga or boxing lesson can help you release those tensions. Download with a sandbag or with your properly protected companions, while you twist your legs and you look more beautiful than ever.

6. Take a cooking class or bake with friends

girls baking cupcakes

An afternoon of baking cookies with Grandma or your best friends can be very enjoyable. It is time to become a chef and have a good time with good company. Learn how to make your favorite dish, the cake you always wanted to try, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t turn out the same as in the YouTube tutorial; the main objective is to have fun.

7. Try a new way to exercise

girls doing twerk

Exercise is the fastest way to hit blue feelings: hopelessness and sadness. Starting to move your body causes you to generate endorphins that are a source of good spirits and energy. Take a class of some exciting activity that catches your attention and in which you live with exceptional women. Something as fun as lessons from twerk, yoga, pole fitness or aerial dance.

8. Go to nature

girl for a walk in nature

Nothing centers the soul more than visiting the domains of Mother Earth, a walk to the mountains, a long walk in the countryside, sitting in front of a lake. All of these things calm the spirit in stormy times. You only need a pair of sneakers or very comfortable boots, follow a trail and marvel at the landscapes of nature.

9. Take your passport and travel

girl in a european city

Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery, it is time to pack your suitcase and disappear for a couple of days or a whole month somewhere far away. Traveling is the perfect activity to be with yourself, marvel at the world and meet interesting people. To discover yourself sometimes it is necessary to lose yourself.

10. Become a teacher of DIY


When you end a relationship you realize all the time you spent in living with that person, now you have a couple of extra hours. Instead of being in bed crying, you better get down to work and make a makeover of your room, on Pinterest there are a huge number of tutorials to reuse objects or to paint your nails. Take that craft side out and have a few hours creating jewelry.

11. Knitting is an excellent option to relax

take knitting classes

Knitting is a very satisfying activity, you can learn with YouTube tutorials. You can start with a hooded scarf or ask your grandmother to instruct you in the art of making two-needle sweaters.

12. Take photography classes

photography classes

give a turn to your Instagram account, join a photo club and learn basic tricks to make your account look better than ever. Capture landscapes, details of flowers or people in the city. You will have fun going for a walk and you may find that photography is your passion.

13. Write your experiences

write a diary

You have many feelings and thoughts that only make your head feel confused. Then take a pen and paper, a typewriter or a text document and capture everything that ails you. You can make up an account, write lost love poems, or maybe just a new blog about cats. You will feel calmer after emptying your memories into a writing.

14. Become a volunteer

selena gomez volunteer

Helping others gives you great inner peace, you can visit old people in a nursing home, give toys to orphans, or support victims of a natural disaster. If you prefer, you can walk dogs from local shelters or even help your little brother to do his homework.

15. Plasma your ideas with paint

girl art workshop

Taking an art workshop or painting classes will help you explore your creative side and let out some emotions. You will keep yourself busy, playing with colors and, who knows, maybe an artist lives within you.

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