15 ideas for your dresses to match your most comfortable shoes


One of the things we like most about the arrival of spring is being able to take our dresses out of our closet and use them basically every day. Although sometimes we opt for more comfortable things because we believe that wearing a dress implies wearing uncomfortable shoes or heels.

And the truth is that it is not like that, wearing a dress in spring and summer is one of the most pleasant things that makes us feel much more comfortable and beautiful, and what better if our attire It is matching with a pair of shoes that give us that comfort, so see the different options with which your dresses can make the match Perfect with those loafers or Oxford shoes you have in your closet.

1. Elegant and pretty, but above all comfortable

Dress set with ankle boots

2. Espadrilles will be your best friends

Dress outfit with floor shoes

3. Let’s not forget the classics floors

Flats Dress Set

4. Sandals will always be the best option

Dress outfit with sandals

5. Long dresses look beautiful with the casual touch

Dressed in slippers

6. Highlight the pattern with the color of your shoes

Dress set with oxford shoes

7. Bring those spartan sandals to life

Dress outfit with high sandals

8. If you like to wear stockings this is a good option

Dress outfit with booties and stockings

9. Fresh, comfortable and very beautiful

Dress set with ankle boots

10. Platform tennis will make you look great Elegant

Tennis outfit

11. Give a unique touch to attire from university

Dress outfit with loafers

12. Ready for an afternoon with your lover

Tennis outfit

13. Your favorite dress and ones mules are the match perfect

Dress outfit with mules shoes

14. The floors with platform they will give you a lot of style

Dress set with platform skirts

15. Besides being comfortable, remember to highlight the colors

Tennis outfit

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