15 lavender outfits to give a trendy touch to your wardrobe

Summer is one of the times of the year that we enjoy the most: there are no classes, we can vacation and above all enjoy in the company of those we love the most doing our favorite activities.

The best way to do all of this is to wear comfortable and in tones that give us a relaxing and sweet touch, such as the lavender color, which this summer has become a favorite.

1. Start the summer with all the freshness and attitude

Girl wearing lavender tank dress with floral print

2. With a bomber jacket for cool nights

Girl wearing lavender bodycon dress with a bomber jacket

3. The denim and lavender are a match perfect

Girl with off shoulder blouse, lavender

4. The maxi skirts give a surprising style

Girl wearing maxi skirt with white blouse

5. Choose a shirt and tie a knot for a casual touch

Girl wearing lavender knotted shirt with denim shorts

6. Loose-fitting dresses give the comfort you are looking for

7. one blazer that highlights your attire

Girl wearing lavender blazer

8. Romantic style is always suitable

Girl wearing a classic dress in lavender hue

9. one monkey that enhance your beauty

Girl wearing a lavender jumpsuit

10. The palazzos they look beautiful with tennis

Girl wearing a lavender palazzo, short-sleeved

11. Dare to mix shades

Girl wearing lavender shorts and white shirt

12. If you love pants This is the best option

Girl wearing lavender jeans

13. Can not miss the attire for your exercise routine

Girl wearing sports outfit, with lavender pants and tennis of the same tone

14. Use basic, easy-to-match shades

Girl wearing denim jacket in lavender hue

15. A mini with print will make you look great

Girl wearing tartan print skirt and slim lavender sweater

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