15 manicures with kittens that will make you purr


Although cats are often classified as arrogant and lonely creatures, in reality they are the worthy representation of mystery, intelligence, demeanor and elegance.

If you also love kittens, it is sure that you wear them in the decoration of your clothes, accessories and even on your nails. If so, you will not resist these 15 manicures with feline touches.

1. Elegant and sophisticated like a real pussycat

Manicure in red tones with almond style decorated with cat stickers

2. “I think I have seen a cute kitten”

Manicure with black nails and decorated with white cats

3. Minimalism at its best

Manicure in beige almond style with decoration of cat silhouette

4. For a romantic and dreamy touch

Manicure in pastel pink and mint tones with glitter and cat decoration

5. Little cold noses

Almond-shaped manicure in pink colors and decorated with a purple butterfly

6. Details make the difference

White manicure with black cats silhouette decoration

7. Create your own design

Green manicure with white cat decoration and white stripes

8. Opt for cool shades

Manicure in gray and white colors with black and white cat decoration

9. Add elegance in gold

Manicure in cherry red tone with decoration of cat silhouette in black and gold

10. How about a naughty kitten

Manicure in royal blue tone with cat decoration on sticker

11. You will not stop looking at them

Almond-shaped pastel pink manicure with black cat decoration

12. Use as many stickers as you like

Manicure in white with stickers of cats in orange tones

13. The perfect gradient does not exist …

Mint manicure with gradient effect and decorated with stickers of cat silhouettes

14. Fine and delicate silhouettes

Manicure in red, white and black tones with cat decoration

15. Worth a painting!

Too beige manicure with gray cat decoration

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