15 tattoos to return to the sea again and again


The sound of the waves crashing into each other, the smell of salt, the blue of the ocean, the warm sand and the warm tones of the sunset at the seashore have a healing power in the soul.

All these sensations are something that we would like to remember at every moment, and the best way to do it is by recording their waves, sea creatures or mythological mermaids on our skin. Here 15 cute ideas.

1. A sunset by the sea

Girl with tatauje in the shape of heart with drawing of the sea in a sunset indoors

2. Take your spirit animal

Whale tattoo in watercolor effect with pastel blue, red and pink colors

3. Mermaids are real

Tattoo in the form of sinera scales in shades of green, blue and purple

4. All the beauty of the ocean

Tattoo in the shape of a seashell with a metallic effect in yellow, blue, pink and purple

5. Save the beauty of the waves

Heart-shaped tattoo with those of the sea inside in blue tone

6. Start your own journey like turtles

Turtle tattoo with back in pastel flowers

7. A poem for the universe

Moon tattoo surrounded by sea waves

8. Create your own fairy tale

Mermaid tail tattoo with shading effect in black tone

9. Enjoy its smooth movement

Medusa tattoo in pastel shades of purple and pink

10. A moment of love by the sea

Tattoo in warm tones of a couple admiring the sunset on the beach

11. Sea stars!

Mini starfish tattoo in purple and fuchsia

12. Let the sea guide you

Tattoo of a boat traveling on the waves of the sea approaching a lighthouse on the beach

13. Sun, sand and sea

Heart shaped tattoo of an airplane traveling to the beach

14. Perfect to refresh your afternoons

Tattoo of a natural coconut drink decorated with yellow flowers

15. Go for the minimalist

Minimalist tattoo of the word sea next to a wave

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