15 Tips to make your beauty routine the best of the day


Having beautiful, healthy and shiny skin is the result of perseverance, will and a lot of discipline, because we have to admit that the skin care it is quite a ritual.

That is why we want to give you some tips so that you can improve your routine right now that you have some free time and can give you the opportunity to add or remove steps to it; You will see that the result will be fabulous.

1. Try new cosmetics

Skin care products

There are thousands of products that we have always wanted to try but we never have enough time for it, that’s why right now is a good time for you to try to include all those natural masks into your routine. Be careful, it is not about overloading our skin with substances, but knowing how to dose them, so that you know more about them at this time.

2. Know the ingredients of what you use

Face serum

On many occasions we only take the jars and boxes from the supermarket shelf, but we do not read or know their ingredients and what effects they have on our skin, so make sure you know each of the assets they present, and above all take care that everything that you apply to your face is not to harm it.

3. Don’t touch your face

Girl enjoying golden hour

This is probably one of the most complicated steps for many of us, but don’t forget that it is for an end. So avoid touching your face, removing some granite or removing the fat with your fingers, and even less if your hands are dirty.

4. Hydrate

Girl applying moisturizer on her face

Drink water, lots of water. Not only because it hydrates your body, but because your skin will thank you. You will see that with constancy your skin shines more. And if you are not a big fan of vital fluid, try drinking tea or herbal teas with little or no sugar.

5. Pay attention to the eyebrows and eyelashes

Girl with bushy eyebrows and eyelashes

It is true, when we talk about skin care We always focus on the skin, but we must know that it covers our entire face, and the eyebrows and eyelashes are also part of it, so pluck your eyebrows and hydrate them, while on your eyelashes make sure to remove all the mascara residue and apply a little oil to strengthen them.

6. Clean your cell phone regularly

Person cleaning cell phone screen

You probably already know it, however we repeat it: The cell phone is one of the objects that contains the most bacteria, so try to clean it frequently and do not bring it close to your face, thus you will avoid generating acne breakouts.

7. Wash your hands regularly

Person washing his hands

During the process of adjusting to not touching your face, the best thing you can do is wash your hands frequently, not only because it is good for your skin but also for your own health.

8. Make sunscreen your best friend

Girl applying sunscreen

Yes, for many, sunscreen is something that we do not like, more than anything because of the sensation it provides to the touch, but there are many that are not greasy and are ideal for the face, it is just a matter of finding the right one. In this way you will avoid premature wrinkles and skin problems.

9. Wash your face after exercising

Girl washing her face

This is very important, because having sweated your pores opened and perspiration has toxins that penetrate your skin. If you don’t wash your face, it will most likely clog up and lead to an acne breakout.

10. Don’t dry your face with a towel

Girl drying her face with a towel

We are all used to drying our faces with a towel when we get out of the shower, but it is best not to do so, because after the first use the fabric fills with bacteria and dead cells, so you better let it dry on its own.

11. Wash your makeup brushes regularly

Makeup brushes

If you love makeup and you do it on a daily basis it is recommended that you wash them once a week, but if you only do it once in a while you should do it at least every two weeks.

12. Take all the time you need

Girl drinking coffee while performing her skin care routine

Usually we always do everything to the races, because we are in a hurry, but now you can make it a habit to carry out your routine with all the time in the world; This way you will let the serums, masks and nutrients really work.

13. Occasionally use ice

Girl applying ice on her face

If you usually wake up with a swollen face, a good tip is to use ice from time to time. Wrap some pieces in gauze and pass them over your face; you will see how it is deflated. Another way is to make chamomile tea ices, which will also help make it more effective and relax you.

14. Follow the correct order

girl enjoying performing her skin care routine

It is important that you apply the products of your skin care in the order it should be. If it is difficult to remember it, just keep in mind that you should start with the lightest and at the end the densest. Ideally, the facial cleanser should be first, followed by the tonic, then the serum, apply your moisturizer and finally the oil.

15. Be consistent

Girl smiling

Your skin is not going to look good overnight. To prevent new acne breakouts from being generated, getting the appearance of the skin to improve and above all that this is lasting, it is necessary to have a record of it, so although sometimes you do not want to do it, remember that you have a purpose and do it daily.

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