15 ways to wear your favorite ‘crop top’ this summer


We all know it. blouses love or hate each other, there is no middle ground, and that is why this Send It is dedicated to all those girls who love them and enjoy using them.

We know that summer is just around the corner, so we want to tell you what the blouses They can not miss in your wardrobe, because in addition to feeling fresh and free you will be the most beautiful of all wearing them.

1. Basics will never go out of style

White crop top

2. Choose one that shows your back

Open back crop top

3. This fabric a to knit it is beautiful

Crochet Crop Top

4. The attire perfect for any occasion

Transparency crop top

5. A little flight will enhance your beauty and you will be fresh

Crop top with flare

6. The off the shoulder they are the best

Off shoulder crop top

7. Ideal for that long-awaited girls night

Crop top puff sleeves

8. Isn’t the style beautiful raffle?

Raffle crop top

9. One touch Classic is all that was needed

Vintage style crop top

10. It seems that hundreds of butterflies landed on you

Butterfly wings crop top

11. A new way to wear a scarf

Bandana crop top

12. Fresh, cute and ready for adventure

Crop top with knot

13. Play with the patterns, colors and accessories

Short style shirt

14. The bell sleeves give a unique touch

Crop top with bell sleeves

15. A sportier style is always good

Sporty crop top

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