16 cool black outfits to wear in spring


When you hear the word spring you remember the flowers and vibrant colors, too sober colors never come to your mind, much less think of black. You think you’re going to drown and that it will make your suits they look dull, lifeless … As if you were the cousin of Merlina Addams.

Make no mistake! Black can be worn in any season, even in spring and summer, as long as you combine the correct textures and clothing. We assure you that you will be as fresh as with a floral set. Check out these ideas that can inspire you.

1. A basic blouse with short denim always goes well

Girl in black nirvana blouse and denim shorts with belt and greasy boots

2. Take advantage of transparencies

Girl with sunglasses in black dress with star transparency

3. The glued dresses look very flirty

Girl in a black dress close to the body and white sneakers

4. Black pants will never hurt

Girl in black blouse and pants and pink tennis shoes

5. You can wear an oversized blouse as a dress

Girl with grunge look in black blouse and white vans with black plaid

6. Or resort to imitation leather skirts

Long-haired blonde girl poses in black tank top and skirt

7. Casual tennis dresses work wonders

Girl with black ball gown

8. Such a set would be ideal

Girl with tank top and black pencil skirt

9. Long and loose skirts always give freshness

Slim girl with dark glasses wears long skirt and black tank top

10. Belly Buttons Never Fail

Girl with sunglasses sitting on step wears black blouse and black pants with white sneakers

11. A skirt Animal footprint always does match perfect

Girl posing in animal print long skirt, black crop top and converse sneakers

12. One more variant to combine it

Girl in long skirt with side cut and black blouse tied at the waist

13. Never forget short dresses

Girl covering herself from the sun with one hand wears black floral dress

14. Or the totals look with open shoes

Blonde girl with total black look and red bag

15. A dress with bare shoulders is very sexy

Slim brunette girl in long dress

16. The Shorts cyclist type are very much in trend

Blonde girl with long hair wears black baggy blouse with black shorts and white boots

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