16 Looks to see you sporty and curvy at the same time


One of the fashions that best suit these modern times of being at home, taking online classes or working in mode home Office is the urban style and sports, especially since it is comfortable and easy to combine.

For this reason we show you 16 different ways in which you can wear basic garments such as leggings, sweatshirts, harvest tops and graphic tees to look curvy, eloquent and always comfortable, without much effort.

1. Leggings, top and tennis, you don’t need more

brunette girl with dark hair wearing sunglasses, short sleeve black crop rop, black leggings, white tennis shoes, large black leather handbag

2. Match your ex’s shirt with Cowboys

brown haired girl wearing oversized white t-shirt, ripped baggy jeans, white low top sneakers, brown leather bag

3. A short sweater with cargo pants

brown haired girl wearing gray white sweatshirt, straight black jeans, black leather ankle boots

4. For you Special person believe you love him basket

light haired girl wearing oversized gray sweatshirt, light gray shorts, white tennis shoes, black tote bag with white lettering

5. Combine a sports set with tennis cold

brown haired girl wearing beige sweatshirt, baggy beige pants, white tennis shoes with light brown and black handbag

6. crop top with loose and comfortable shirt

light-haired girl wearing sunglasses, short-sleeved white crop top, brown and beige plaid shirt, straight baggy jeans, leather loafers

7. Perfect for a Sunday lunch

blonde girl in sunglasses, oversized green sweatshirt, white tennis shoes and black cycling shorts

8. Add accessories Elegant you set of pants

girl wearing a white crop top with straps, white zipper sweatshirt, white pants, small brown bag

9. Some Cowboys broken give the Sight ideal urban

light haired girl wearing black cap, black oversized sweatshirt, ripped baggy jeans, white and black sneakers

10. Combine them with one top daring

girl with light hair wearing a black crop top with suspenders, baggy black jeans, white sneakers with black and a small leather bag

eleven. Shorts cycling with formal shirt

brunette girl with sunglasses, beige crop top with straps, beige cycling shorts, oversized white dress shirt, beige large leather bag

12. Or a top original with pants and tennis

dark haired girl wearing sunglasses, long sleeve white top, oversized white pants, white sneakers

13. With all the attitude of Billie Eilish

Chinese hair brunette girl wearing graphic black oversized t-shirt, ripped baggy black jeans, white with black and red sneakers and white handbag

14. Show off your curves with pants tight

light haired girl wearing short sleeve white top, baggy beige pants, white and black tennis shoes, small light brown bag

15. Create a attire monochrome

girl with black hair with blue, white crop top, white sweatshirt, baggy white pants, white tennis shoes

16. Don’t forget the pose for your profile picture

brunette girl wearing a light blue crop top, black puffer jacket, baggy light blue pants

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