17 mini tattoos to carry your kitten with you always


A cat not only steals your space on your sofa, in your bed, and sometimes takes your food … it also steals your heart. Even people who have never had one of these furry animals at home soon soften before them, because they have a unique charm that makes us want to hug and squeeze them.

If you have a cute kitten at home that has become more than just a pet, you might consider getting a tattoo to pay tribute to its beauty or remember that little one who now lives in heaven. Whatever the case may be, these cute little ideas will inspire you for your next ink date.

1. Nice black details

Mini sleeping kitten tattoo in heart of leaves on the moon

2. Do you have more than one favorite? A simple design would be perfect

Minimalist black ink face tattoo of three kittens

3. you chubby forever in your arm

Black ink tattoo of fat cat lying down

4. It can be one or two, or three … or more!

5. You will never forget those naughty little ones

Three-sided tattoo of Siamese cats, orange and gray

6. A cute little design

Mini tattoo of orange cat and another white looking at the stars

7. Nothing cuter than seeing them from behind

Mini orange cat and tortoiseshell cat tattoo on the arm

8. Surprise them!

One line minimalist tattoo

9. A reinterpretation of Adan creation

Tattoo on hand arm and paw of black cat joining

10. Rolled up taking your nap

Funky black ink cat tattoo on ribs

11. A miniature on the ankle

Mini cat tattoo looking at the moon

12. Zzzzz! … Don’t bother him

Mini tattoo on sleeping orange cat's arm

13. Your whole world

Mini kitten tattoo ball in a galaxy

14. Little pots are also a great idea

Tattoo on the instep of cat paws

15. A paint stain style for the ‘panteritas’

Black cat tattoo paint stain effect

16. A single stripe for minimalist girls

Single line minimalist tattoo of a cat

17. Very cute!

Planet kitty tattoo

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