18 colorful pants to give your basic jeans a break


The Cowboys They are basic but they can also be a bit boring. This season is the perfect time to experiment with one of the new trends of this 2021: colorful pants with different designs.

Bright greens, pastel pinks or zebra, there are thousands of options to enliven your wardrobe and match your top favorite with a nice pair of colorful pants so you can finally give your Cowboys boring.

1. A nice pair of springy pants

blonde girl with mint green crop top, deep green baggy pants with black handbag

2. The style cool highlight your curves

light-haired girl with sunglasses, black satin tank top, white pants with black spots, leather ankle boots and small leather bag

3. The zebra ones have become very popular

blonde girl in pastel yellow jacket, zebra animal print pants, black high heel ankle boots

4. Give your electric touch attire

blonde girl in oversized white t-shirt, flared bright orange pants, white tennis shoes and blue sweater

5. Match your pants with your top

blonde girl in beige white plaid top, brown flared pants with white, black leather platform ankle boots and small black bag

6. Create a monochrome set

short blonde hair girl with bright blue sweater, white pants with blue, beige ankle boots with coffee and light blue bag

7. The pants will be the protagonists

dark haired girl wearing white t-shirt with purple, mint green pants with white

8. These cherries look beautiful

light haired girl wearing sunglasses, white t-shirt, black pants with red flowers and cherries, black converse with blue

9. One Sight pretty retro and sixties

blonde girl in green top with red flowers, bright orange pants and mint green handbag with red roses

10. The style ones tie dye they look amazing

blonde girl with sunglasses, white t-shirt, green pants with mint lines and green converse sneakers

11. They can be about leggings electrical

light-haired girl with orange sunglasses, white graphic t-shirt, bright blue pants, black converse sneakers, light blue small bag

12. Pants fit to the hips

light haired girl wearing sunglasses, orange top with yellow flowers, straight yellow pants, white slides sandals, small white bag

13. Combine them with impact booties

short hair girl wearing mint green crop top, mint green pants, beige ankle boots with coffee

14. Platforms in the style of a go-go girl

light haired girl wearing brown sunglasses, long sleeve brown top, brown pants with beige and white, leather platform boots with platforms

15. The attire perfect for summer

blonde haired girl wearing yellow crop top with halter neck, bright yellow pants, white tennis shoes, small orange bag

16. Combine more than three colors

blonde girl with yellow sweatshirt, pink mask, blue pants with white squares, white tennis shoes

17. You can also look sophisticated

light-haired girl with orange sunglasses, long-sleeved white blouse, green leather pants, white ankle boots with black and small black leather bag

18. Or like a girl hippie 70’s

blonde girl with black sleeveless top, flared pants with stripes of red, yellow, orange colors, beige black platform ankle boots and small brown leather bag

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