18 Makeups Inspired by the 60s for Your Instagram Photos


Makeup in the style of the 70s like that of the British model Twiggy has been a trend this year and thanks to social networks, it is very easy to find new makeup ideas, clothes and hairstyles inspired by bygone eras, such as the type outline. Cat Eye and voluminous lashes.

Instagram account beatsbylizzie has been dedicated to uploading different sight makeup inspired by the 60s with a modern touch and more colorful than the one that was used previously, and the truth is that any of us would like to recreate it, especially now that we have time to spare. Here we show you some of their sight most impressive.

1. The outline is the most characteristic

blonde girl with aqua shade, black cat-eye liner, transparent gloss, sixties type

2. Large, separate eyelashes cannot be missed

light brown haired girl in purple beret, wearing pink eyeshadow, black cat-eye liner, nude matte lipstick, and large silver earrings

3. The lining above the eyelid was Twiggy style.

blonde girl with sixties makeup, orange eyeshadow, black cat-eye liner, orange lipstick

4. You can create one-tone makeup

blonde girl with monochrome makeup in blue colors, blue and white eyeshadow, sixties cat-eye liner and matte nude lipstick

5. It doesn’t matter how long your hair is

girl with long blonde hair, wearing sixties makeup, outlined with orange color, false eyelashes, sunflower earrings

6. In neutral or soft tones it looks great

blonde girl with pink cap, wearing sixties makeup with black cat-eye liner, matte nude lipstick and pink earrings

7. Or you can use shadows and blush in bright colors

blonde girl wearing orange hat with makeup in orange colors

8. Accessories are key to a totally retro style

blonde girl with daisy earrings, lilac eyeshadow, black cat-eye liner and yellow headband

9. With dark hair also goes very well

girl with black hair, red hat, orange eyeshadow, black liner and neutral lipstick

10. The yellow or orange tones are perfect

blonde girl wearing makeup with yellow shadows, dark black liner and natural lips, wearing yellow beret and sunflower earrings

11. Combine everything with modern accessories

blonde girl wearing a pink beret, pink sunglasses, yellow with green makeup, black cat-eye liner and pink lipstick

12. Use flowers to take some selfies

Long hair blonde girl wearing flower daisies in her hair, with yellow eyeshadow makeup, black liner, pink blush and orange beret

13. Contrast the color of your eyeshadow

girl with long brown hair wearing green eyeshadow makeup, dark outlined with orange flowers in her hair

14. Pose is everything

blonde girl with yellow beret, wearing yellow makeup, cat-eye eyeliner and nude lipstick with gloss

15. Have the confidence to use different shades

light brown haired girl wearing purple makeup, cat-eye liner, gold earrings, and a yellow beret

16. Get inspired to use bold color eyeliner

blonde girl wearing big fuchsia brooches, pink eyeliner, false eyelashes and pink lipstick with gloss

17. Add modern or different techniques

short black hair girl wearing a black and beige plaid beret,

18. Keeping the characteristic style of the 60s

blonde girl wearing yellow eyeshadow, black cat-eye liner and pink lipstick

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