19 ideas to make the most of your dresses during the summer


This summer is definitely different from any other, and is that although we can not go out much or attend social events to keep our healthy distance, that does not mean that we do not want to indulge in dressing well, enjoying fashion and wearing clothes which are getting more popular this year. And what better than a good dress to be fresh, comfortable and look beautiful – even if it’s just to walk around the house or go for a walk for a few minutes.

That is why here we leave you some ideas to combine, mix and release that dress that you had planned to wear.

1. The type dresses slip are increasingly popular

girl with dark hair, pink flowery slip dress, white beaded bag and white chunky sneakers

2. The puffed sleeves look amazing

girl with brown hair taking a selfie in front of a mirror wearing a white dress with puff sleeves and white boots

3. This year pastel colors are back

girl in pastel blue dress posing with a glass cup

4. You can combine it with leather garments

blonde girl with sunglasses sitting in front of a facade wearing a floral dress, white balenciaga trainers and a black leather bag

5. Wear a light cardigan when it is not so hot

girl in pink white plaid dress and pastel pink sweater cardigan

6. Satin dresses are the latest trend

girl in satin dress, satin dress with straps sitting on a chair

7. Create a Look very feminine

girl in pastel green dress and green cardigan sweater, white converse sneakers

8. You can also use bold colors

girl in red dress on shoulders walking down the street with brown leather bag

9. The completely dark

blonde girl in flared black gaza dress with square neckline

10. The dresses midi they are a great option

girl with short dark hair and long patterned dress, beige knitted bag and sneakers, sunglasses

11. Combine them with leather boots never fails

girl with dark hair and blonde streaks taking a selfie in front of a mirror and wearing a long sleeve black dress and black leather boots

12. The idea is to let your imagination run wild

blonde girl posing with flowers in front of her face, wearing a pastel yellow flower print dress in an open field

13. There are thousands of styles, colors and materials

blonde girl wearing a light blue denim dress with a bow on her chest

14. With different textures and comfortable adjustments

blonde girl with sunglasses wearing a white knitted dress and light blue bag

15. You can use it with the accessories that you like the most

light-haired girl in black dress, leather boots and black leather jacket

16. No matter what your favorite color is

girl with brown hair, hairpins and wearing a pink long-sleeved dress with flights

17. If you want, you can add a shirt

girl in black and white check dress, black leather bag, white short sleeve shirt and white sneakers

19. Have fun, be yourself and experiment

girl in black white polka dot dress, denim jacket with sunglasses and black leather boots

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