4 types of heels to match your favorite jeans


There is no more versatile garment in our wardrobe than pants; They combine practically with everything and can be used without any problem in any season of the year. Despite being so combinable, the truth is that they stand out much better with the right shoes; heels, for example, will make you look taller and define your silhouette more.

Be careful, not all heels look equally good, these four options are the ones that make you look best with denim pants; If you have some in your collection, then you’re ready to leave everyone with their mouths open in your path.

one) Stiletto heels

Long-haired blonde girl with jeans, white blouse and red stilettos

They stylize the foot with its pointed tip and make you walk straighter; a success to accompany your pants favorites

Wear them in neon shades, which are trending

Woman in denim pants, black jacket and neon green stilettos

Combine them with sober colors so as not to lose the formality.

Make them the protagonists

Girl crossing the street in denim shorts, white blouse and pink stilettos

Choose a striking color and say goodbye to accessories. They are ideal to highlight those basic garments.

2. Sandals with heel

Woman in jeans, white blouse, black cardigan, beige bag and black heeled sandals

Sexy, fresh, elegant … What more do you ask of life? Wear them with pants that end in a tube to stylize your entire figure.

Convert a attire casual in a more arranged one

Girl in jeans, white blouse, beige cardigan and high-heeled sandals

Nude tones will always match all your clothes.

You don’t need anything else to stand out

Girl in jeans, white blouse, green bag and beige high-heeled sandals

You will look elegant and ready for any occasion.

3. Wedges

Girl with denim outfit and wedges shoes

They are comfortable and youthful without being informal. The platform increases your height without sacrificing comfort; this spring they are the main bet.

An option with ballerina style ribbons is very Elegant

Girl with denim outfit and wedges shoes

Who said that the tapes look “childish?

Nothing better for these hot afternoons

Girl with denim outfit, black blouse and wedges shoes

They are very comfortable and perfect for those afternoon gatherings with friends.

4. Platforms

Jeans and blue platform shoes

The meaning of sensuality … Yes, those are the platforms.

Instantly enhance your figure

Denim pants and platform pumps

The hidden heel gives you more comfort.

Your legs look sexy and long

Legs with jeans and black pumps

Nothing better to show off those jeans that you like so much.

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