5 Exercises to get active and ‘turn on’ your body at home


Life paused for a moment, but it can’t be like this forever. You must find new ways to continue with your activities and take care of your body, both to raise your defenses and to feel good physically and mentally.

Fire up your body and get moving from home with these super simple yet highly effective exercises. The best part is that you can use things that you have within reach and exercise from head to toe.

1. Work arms, abdomen and legs using a chair

Blonde woman exercising for arms, legs and abdomen with her Reebok tennis shoes

It not only helps you to sit and rest, but also to become a girl physical aptitude.

Arms, back and abdomen: Lean the chair against a wall to keep it stable, roll onto your back, rest your arms on the seat, and go up and down. It’s like doing push-ups in reverse. Keep your back straight and tense your abdomen.

Leg, abdomen and buttocks: Lie on the floor, raise one foot to the chair, and raise the other with your straight leg. Imagine that you want to touch the ceiling with the leg that you have in the air and raise your back using force in the abdomen and buttocks.

2. A simple mat for abs and planks

Female friends exercising, sitting on the floor laughing in their Reebok tennis shoes

If you don’t have a mat you can use a towel. It will help you eliminate the impact of your body with the ground, and prevent you from slipping and losing stability.

Abdomen and thighs: To work the lower part, lie down, place your hands under your waist, stretch your legs and bring them up to form an “L”. First the right, then the left, and finally both. And to work the upper part repeat the same exercise, but this time put your hands under your head, and when you raise your legs raise your trunk.

Planks for arms and abdomen: Lie on your stomach with your legs stretched out at the hips and your elbows at shoulder height; Raise your hips in a straight line from your head to your feet and tighten your abdomen. The first repetition will be 30 seconds, the second 35, and so on until the minute.

3. Exercise arms using water bottles

Women doing leg exercise with their Reebok sneakers

The bottles will serve as dumbbells in case you don’t have one.

Biceps and chest: Take two bottles of water and raise them in front of you with your arms straight at shoulder height. Open them sideways to form a straight line with them. Make each inside-out movement last five seconds.

Triceps and scapula: Drop your arms to your sides and, keeping your back straight, lift them back without bending them and raise the bottles as high as you can without throwing your torso forward. Slowly, lower your arms to your sides again. At the end of every 10 reps, keep your arms in the air for 15 seconds.

4. Stiffen your calves with a step.

Woman and man exercising with their Reebok tennis shoes, # Turn on

If you don’t have stairs, a small step will suffice.

Chamorro: Get on the step and leave your heel in the air; that is, just step on the front of your foot. Walk up and down the step with your back straight; You will soon begin to feel that your calf is burning, because although it is a very simple exercise, it is very effective. Do slow reps interspersed with fast reps, and finally stay on your toes for 15 seconds.

5. Dancing is a fun way to get active.

Women and men, friends laughing with their Reebok tennis shoes, # Turn on

There are days when you will surely prefer to rest from exercise, but it is important not to skip the routines to maintain a healthy body and a positive mind. In these cases, it is best to activate yourself in a creative and fun way: Dancing!

Put on your favorite music and dance like nobody sees you and nothing matters to you. Jump, move your arms, hips, legs, invent crazy steps and don’t stop moving and enjoying yourself.

Take care of your whole body with the right tennis shoes

Reebok black, white, gray and pink sneakers

It’s super important that you choose the right tennis shoes that give you support, cushion the impact, prevent injuries, and also look cute with your sports outfit (because it’s good to feel pretty while working out).

Reebok invites you to keep moving and ignite your body to challenge your mind and exceed your goals. That is why it has the perfect footwear for you to exercise.

Their tennis shoes come in a wide variety of colors for you to choose your favorite. The sole is resistant, they are flexible, comfortable and cool so that your foot feels free. With them you will feel that there are no limits!

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