5 little rituals to do in spring that will attract the best energy in your life


The start of spring brings new opportunities for prosperity and well-being to last the rest of the year. If you are a girl who believes in energy, then it is the ideal time to fill yourself with positivity and enjoy the most magical time of the year.

This season influences different areas of life and you have to know how to take advantage of it. That is why we leave you some of the best and simplest rituals that will help you attract the best vibes, so that you feel the peace and tranquility that you long for.

1. Wear white

girl white dress

This color transmits an image of goodness, purity and innocence, it symbolizes peace, humility and love; attracts positive energies and helps you maintain balance. It is the ideal color to start a stage full of joy, so it is time to include it in your wardrobe.

2. Start your own garden

girl tending garden

You don’t need to have a large lot to start a gardening project, just choose the seeds of the flowers that you like the most and sow them in a pot. Make sure they receive light, water and love every day and fill your home with good vibes with the birth of something wonderful, creating a bond with nature that will bring love to your life. Remember that you receive in the same proportion as you give.

3. Travel somewhere high

girl in teotihuacan

Different civilizations around the world built tall buildings because they considered it a way of being closer to the gods and, of course, connecting with the sun. Make an attempt to go somewhere where you can receive the energy of the star king.

4. Use an amulet to attract luck

beetle necklace

The Egyptians used a scarab to neutralize envy and attract good luck. The fact that this little animal flies during the hottest period of the day made it the symbol of the god Kheper, the invisible force of creation that spins the Sun and which is attributed with powerful magical virtues capable of protecting against all kinds of curses and diseases. So find some amulet with the figure of a beetle, preferably turquoise and gold, apply it with sandalwood essence and wear it hanging all the time to pull good luck.

5. Neutralize negative energies

girl playing flute

Take some musical instrument, be it a bell or a flute, and make noise throughout your house. Start from the entrance of your home to the furthest point. You have to walk clockwise and finish at the same point where you started.

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