6 Exercises that will help you have an enviable derrier


The secret to having an enviable rear guard is not in an expensive and painful operation, but in doing a series of daily exercises. Yes, it is a bit difficult, but with perseverance and a lot of patience you will make even JLo feel envious of your derrier.

Follow this little guide to the letter and as the days go by you will see the results of your hard work. Remember that a good diet is also part of the routines that will help you to have that booty monumental. Ready?

1. Buttock bridge

Girl doing abdominal lifts

This is a classic exercise that is totally focused on working the glutes. The basic movement consists of lying on your back, bending your knees and placing the soles of your feet on the ground. Once you have this position, perform a hip lift while contracting your glutes. If you want to add a bit of intensity, use some center sliders.

2. Glute kick

Girl doing a butt kick

For this exercise you should use a little weight on your ankles and also stand in front of a wall or if you have it, a pulley machine. Once you are facing forward, you will kick back. Remember that the movement of the leg starts from the hips and then the glute, so you must make sure not to bend the knee.

3. Squat with spikes

Girl doing a toe squat

Squats are the most common exercise to increase our rear, but this especially has to be done with the legs separated at the height of the shoulders and the heels off the ground, then you must bend your knees as if you were about to sit down. Do it for 30 seconds. Although at first it will be difficult, but they say well that if it does not hurt, it is useless.

4. Lateral lunge

Girl doing side slides

The starting position is standing, with your back straight, your gaze straight ahead and your feet flat on the floor. Next you must move one of your legs horizontally, you can do it on the ground or lifting it. The one moving should be fully stretched, while the supporting one will have a slight 90 degree flex. Then collect your leg to return to the starting position. Then switch sides.

5. Increase alternate

Girl doing lifts with a drawer

To perform this exercise you will need a ladder, drawer, chair or bench, whatever you prefer, because you are going to have to jump a bit. First lift one leg off the ground until it rests on the high surface. Afterwards, the leg that is on the ground will come off to rise to the high surface. Then you will go down and repeat the operation several times, alternating the legs in each turn. If you want to master the technique, you must first start with a low surface and increase the height. Remember to always keep your back straight at all times.

6. Frog bomb

Girl doing an exercise called frog pump

This exercise is very similar to the glute bridge, the only difference is in how you should position your feet. You should lie on your back on the ground, join the soles of your feet and push them one against the other, in such a way that the knees fall to the sides, simulating the position of a frog. Once you have the correct pose, raise your hips up without losing the linearity of your torso. Do not take off your upper back at any time and raise your hips from the floor in a wide open way, always going up and down without taking your feet off.

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