6 exercises to mark your abdomen without too much effort


In general, when we go to the gym or exercise at home, we leave the exercises for the abdomen almost at the end and, being very honest, we often do fewer repetitions than we should or even omit them. This is because we believe that exercising this area is done only lying down, which at that time implies more fatigue and wear, whenwhat we want is to end the routine as soon as possible.

That is why we have compiled a list of those effective exercises to exercise this area while standing, so you will no longer have excuses for not doing the complete routine. And remember! When you do these exercises you must focus all your strength on the abdomen so that you know and feel that this area is being worked on.

1. Side crunches

Girl doing lateral dumbbell crunches

Stand upright with your heels together and point your toes outward, and you will extend an arm by bending it to a 90 ° angle. What you will do is raise one leg at the same time as the arm on the same side goes down until the elbow and knee touch at the level of the abdomen. Perform 25 repetitions in sets of 4 on each side.

2. Oblique sit-ups

Curly haired girl with sportswear doing oblique sit-ups

Place your feet open at the height of your shoulders, the next thing you will do is raise one of your legs at the same time that the opposite arm is bent down until your elbow and knee touch in the abdomen area. It is very similar to the previous one, remember that you must do it without feeling any kind of discomfort. Perform 25 repetitions in sets of 4 on each side.

3. Standing bicycle

Woman jogging in fixed space

When doing this exercise you will realize that it is exactly the previous one, the only difference is that when doing it you must have a rhythm and a speed already marked, as if you were jogging, so instead of measuring it by series we will do it by time. Do it for 1 minute in a row, 4 times, resting a couple of minutes between each other.

4. Crossed abs

Woman doing weight crunches

For this you must pay close attention to the position of your back as it must always be upright. Standing place your feet a little more open than your hip level, lean a little as if you were doing a half squat, with your hands behind the neck what you will do is lower your arms towardsthe outside of one of the legs, holding them straight and turning them backtowardthe neck. Repeat 25 times in sets of 4 on each side.

5. Pike crackle

Woman doing pike crunch

Equally standing and especially taking care that you do not get hurt or feel any discomfort when you do this exercise, you should stretch an arm towardsthe front and lower it a little while trying to raise the leg as much as possible on the opposite side without bending it, so you must take care of balance. Repeat 15 times in sets of 4 on each side.

6. Waist twists

Woman doing waist twists with a ball

This is the simplest of all and personally I recommend that you do it at the end of the routine, as it will relax them a little and prepare them for the final stretches of their exercise routine. All you have to do is stand with your feet open at shoulder height, place your arms as if you are hugging someone holding your hands, and begin to rotate your upper body from left to right. In addition to helping you with the abdomen it will also mark your waist. Perform 60 repetitions in sets of 4.

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