6 Tips to end back pain once and for all


We are usually used to keeping moving, going to work or school, exercising, walking from one place to another, but for a few weeks now we have decreased our physical activity due to confinement.

And for that reason our muscles have been atrophying a bit and, in addition to the stress that we may suffer, we have begun to have back or neck pain, so if you want to eliminate these discomforts, follow these recommendations.

What causes back and neck pain?

Woman with back pain

There are several factors that produce these discomforts, and one of them is the bad posture that we usually have when sitting or lying down while we work, watch television or sleep.

And the second is due to stress, which causes a muscle load in the cervical area or upper back; Suffering from stress is not good, but during the last weeks it has become something “normal”, because by not knowing when we can return to our normal life, this emotional and therefore muscular load is generated.

Eliminate them in a simple and relaxing way

person doing back massage

Although it seems very complicated, it is possible to combat back and neck pain, so practice some of these recommendations and you will see how your physical health improves little by little.

1. Change your position frequently

Woman working out in correct posture
Maintaining a proper posture is very important so that your back and neck “don’t charge you” later, so sit down and lie down in the correct way and every so often change your position; this way your muscles will not be affected.

2. Don’t work on the couch or in bed

Girl working in bed

To many of us it seems the most sensible and comfortable thing to do, in addition to the fact that, since it is something that we do not do at school or office, it seems like a very good option, but it is not like that.

Our body should not be in a resting position while we work or take classes online, as the muscles end up even more tired and the pain is even worse.

3. Don’t stop doing physical exercise

Girl doing exercise

Stopping exercising is the worst thing you can do, because from now on and until we can return to our normal routine, exercise at home becomes our only escape from muscle movement, so don’t stop exercising; It doesn’t matter if you do thirty minutes or two hours of exercise, the important thing is to keep moving.

4. Do muscle stretches

Girls doing muscle stretching

If you have started to feel that your back and neck are tense, the best thing you can do is practice some muscle stretches, this will release some tension and also help reduce pain; stretch daily and if possible twice a day.

5. Practice yoga sessions

Girl doing yoga

If you are not a fan of cardio at home or exercises with weights, another very good option is to do a little yoga. YouTube offers you a wide variety of videos for beginners in yoga, so do a daily session and you will see how in addition to gaining flexibility you will feel much more relaxed, and the neck and back pain will disappear.

6. Take breaks and walk around

Chcia walking inside her house

Be aware that the more time you spend in a single position, your muscles create knots and lose flexibility, so you must take certain breaks while you work and walk inside your house, it does not matter if it is small, so go get some water, take two or three tours and return to work.

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