8 cardio exercises to burn calories immediately


Have you become a lover of exercising at home, but do not know how to perform cardio? Although cardio helps us sweat more and eliminate fat from our body, we must admit that we are used to having it done with devices or outdoors.

But although there are many exercises that you can do in the open space, there are also those that you can do without any problem at home, so choose some of them and include them in your daily routine, you will see that you will not regret it!

Bicycle crunches

Girl doing sit-ups on a bicycle
They are easy to do. What you need is a mat, exercise mat or towel; place it on the floor and lie down. What you will do is lift one of your legs at a 90 degree angle to about half of your abdomen and bring your opposite elbow closer to the knee of the leg you raised, and then do the same with the opposite limbs. Perform 4 sets of 25 repetitions, resting 20 seconds between each one.


Girl performing blanches

You will also use the matIt is done with support on the floor. You will position yourself facing the ground, with your arms straight and your legs stretched, making force on the abdomen, something like a plank. What you will do is climb one leg up to your chest followed by the other, as if you were climbing steps, only in a different position, next to the floor. Perform 4 sets of 30 repetitions resting 20 seconds between each one.

Iron with rise

Woman doing plank with rise and fall

Prepare yourself because besides making you sweat it will make you strengthen almost the entire body. I recommend that you continue using the mat Or, failing that, that you use sports gloves. What you will do is position yourself with your legs open more or less at the level of the shoulders and you will lower your body without flexing your knees, so that your hands touch the floor and little by little you will stretch until you are in the plank position resting on the forearms and elbows, to then return to standing. Remember that your knees should not flex, and perform 4 sets of 15 repetitions each, resting 20 seconds between each one.

Side kicks

Chida giving side legs

These are done standing up, so stand with your legs together. What you will do is give a high kick laterally with one of your legs; You will notice the effort in the thigh, buttock and the lower abdomen. Perform 4 sets of 15 repetitions for each leg (30 in total), resting 20 seconds between each one.

Quick squats

Woman doing squats with sportswear

Standing with your legs open at shoulder height, you will squat down and up quickly. Although it is a quick exercise, you must take great care of your posture so as not to cause yourself an injury and, above all, perform the exercise correctly. Perform 4 sets of 18 repetitions each, resting 15 seconds between each set.

Iron with rise and fall

Woman doing plank exercises
It is perfect for strengthening the abdomen and arms. You must put yourself in the typical position to do planks, and what you will do is bend your arm to perform the support, now with the forearm and the same with the other arm, and then return to the original position of both arms straight. Perform 4 sets of 15 repetitions each and rest 15 seconds between each set.

Squat leaning against the wall

Girl performing squats leaning against the wall

It may seem simple, but the truth is that it does tire but strengthens your legs, buttocks and abdomen. What you will do is place yourself in a squat position leaning against the wall, so that you will be in that position for 60 seconds; Do this exercise 4 times and rest 15 seconds between each one.

Knee lift jump

Girl performing jumping jacks

It is simple but effective to sweat and get rid of stress. What you will do is start jumping in the same place, lifting one of your knees, raising it more or less to your waist. Do 4 sets of 30 repetitions, resting 15 seconds between each set.

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