8 Exercises you can do lying down to mark your waist


If your New Years resolution was to become a girl physical aptitude This 2021, but the lack of time and the closed gyms did not collaborate at all with your goal, so give exercise at home a try. You will not regret!

These eight exercise routines are simple and practical, they will give you results from the first week. Best of all, they don’t require too much effort, since you can do most of the movements while lying down. Remember that to see favorable results you must hydrate correctly with two liters of water a day and maintain a diet high in fiber.

1. Two benefits in a few movements

Patry Jordan has the easiest exercise routines on the internet. Take advantage of their knowledge and give your waist a second chance.

2. Forget about girdles with this routine

Follow the instructions to the letter to avoid any injury and see results in a short time.

3. So simple that you won’t believe it

In addition to framing your waist, you will be able to reduce fat in the abdomen.

4. Results are guaranteed

This method has become so popular that it is almost impossible not to try. It is simple, does not require great efforts and takes very little time to do.

5. It will be your favorite routine

Although this routine focuses on flattening the abdomen, its results are also visible at the waist.

6. Results faster than Flash

With these high-performance exercises you will not only get an envious waist, you will also flatten your abdomen and get more elasticity and strength in your legs.

7. In addition, you will learn to control your breathing

These exercises work and tone the deep abs, shaping the waist. They also help to have good control of the breath and body.

8. Show your silhouette without fear

The exercises in this routine are so simple that there will be no excuse not to do them. You can practice them at home or in the garden. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and give your best effort.

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