8 Tips to improve your diet


One of the things that we should pay more attention to is our diet, this regardless of the time of year or what festivities are approaching, or if we are going on vacation to the beach and we want to look beautiful.

So for you to know a little how to handle this topic, we give you some tips that will be very useful at any time, so pay attention and take note.

1. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Box full of fresh fruits and vegetables

I know that for some of us it can be difficult to start eating fruits and vegetables more frequently, but they are really something important in the diet, as they provide you with vitamins, minerals, fiber and many other benefits.

2. Legumes are friends

legumes of different types

When we do not want to consume meat too often, recipes that include legumes as the star ingredient are the best, as they provide us with vegetable protein, are inexpensive and versatile when cooking.

3. Identify which meat is the best to consume

¨lato of fish accompanied by white rice and vegetables

If you want to consume meat some days of the week we recommend that you buy it fresh and also that it is preferably chicken or fish.

4. Identify what foods to eat at each meal

Girl cooking healthy food

For you to start eating a better diet, it is best that you have everything planned; This way you will avoid being on the run and eating anything, so define menus for each meal.

Toasted bread with avocado and a crashed egg

Try to include a drink that accompanies food in addition to that you like; It can be coffee, tea or chocolate made from vegetable milk. To that add protein sources like egg or cheese, and eat one or two pieces of fruit.

Chickpea salad with spinach

For lunch, the ideal is to consume protein and legumes; that is, some type of meat adding chickpeas, beans or lentils; while at dinner it is recommended that you consume foods that do not give you as much energy, such as cereals, tubers or some not so sweet fruit.

Healthy snack of strawberry bars

The best thing is that your sandwiches are natural, not processed, so opt for nuts, seasonal fruits or some healthy snack that you have prepared in advance.

5. Define times to eat

Girl eating healthy food

Our body is a machine, and although it is not good that we see it as such, we must be aware that it needs time to digest, clean and get rid of what does not work, so it is important that you define schedules to eat your food.

This will not only allow you to create a new habit, but your body will get used to it and will be able to perform better.

6. Avoid these foods

Fast food, such as hamburgers, fries, and soda

When they tell us that we should not consume fat, we all usually include any type of fat in this group, and although it is clear that there are good fats such as avocado, olive oil or seeds, what we should avoid at all costs are fried foods. ; Consume them from time to time, but not on a daily basis.

7. Analyze your sugar and dairy consumption

Strawberry smottie

When I tell you to analyze it is really to analyze it. Define the types of sugars that exist and be aware that one group is processed and there is another that includes natural sweet foods, so preferably opt for the latter.

And as for dairy, yes, we love chocolate milk or a yogurt with fruit, but preferably opt for the vegetable versions, since dairy products of animal origin produce mucus and contain elements that our body does not digest, so choose the best for your body.

8. Hydrate!

Water with lemon and strawberry

Another of the most important factors is staying hydrated. Drink water, lots of water; drink natural infusions, fruit water made at home, choose to consume liquids that you have made and know how it was made.

This will not only help you not retain liquids but will cleanse your body, your skin will notice it, and your mood and energy will change.

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