80s aerobics routines you can do at home


The current exercise routines are very boring, except of course, if you are Barbara de Regil. Each one consists of repetitions of the same exercise, which help a lot to tone our bodies, but who can do them for more than a week or two?

The 80’s routines, on the other hand, were quite energetic, full of jumps, electronic music and aerobic exercises that were very fun and helped the body… How we wish they would come back, right? Well, well, you can find all the videos on YouTube, but here we will leave you the best routines of the famous ones from the 80s.

Jane Fonda


Believe it or not, the actress was one of the instructors fitness of the 80 most recognized. I had a television show called Fit with Jane Fonda; In addition, it sold more than 17 million videocassettes VHS in which he showed different aerobic routines, which you can already find on YouTube.

Alyssa Milano

When she was just 15, Milano decided to do her own exercise program inspired by Fonda, which she called Teen Steam. She is now on YouTube and you can copy her sexy outfit to do your routine at home.


The singer released a series of VHS videos featuring her aerobic routines that included dancing, sit-ups, bench routines, and leagues.

Cindy Crawford

His exercise videos called Train your body They have a series of warm-up routines, chair workouts, to work abs and stretches, all ideal to define and shape your body.

Elle Macpherson

The body It was the video that the Australian supermodel released to show people how her body worked. Her intense work will definitely make you burn a lot of calories.

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