9 Perfumes that drive women crazy


Staying #JuntosEnCasa is a great opportunity to take care of ourselves, pamper ourselves and know what we like, what inspires us, what drives us, what makes us sigh … And knowing each other means having control of what we want to project to others.

Part of this process is choosing the perfect fragrance you make. match with our personality, and these 9 perfumes will make the world remember you as someone sweet, daring, strong or sophisticated. Choose who you want to be! Grow these findings that we found in the Liverpool online store.

1. Free, Yves Saint Laurent

Perfumes that smell rich; Yves Saint Laurent, Free

Its soft hints of lavender, orange blossom, orange blossom and vanilla are perfect for every woman who loves freedom. Find this delicious aroma here.

2. La Vie Est Belle, Lancome

Perfumes that smell rich; Lancome life is beautiful

Life is beautiful and must be enjoyed to the fullest. This fragrance lives up to its name with its iris flower scent, the plant of happiness. Gives click here and pamper yourself.

3. Tommy Girl, Tommy Hilfiger

Perfumes that smell rich; Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Girl

If you love nature and you even have your garden full of plants, the floral aroma of this perfume will match with your temperament. Order yours here.

4. Bloom de Rose, Mon Guerlain

Perfumes that smell rich; Mon Guerlain, Bloom of Rose

The feminine is synonymous with strength, freedom and sensuality, just what Bloom of Rose represents. Its rose scent will make you feel that you are bathed in fresh petals. Order yours here.

5. Be delicious, DKNY

Perfumes that smell rich; DKNY, Be Delocious

Spontaneous girls love bold and unusual essences. A cucumber and grapefruit perfume? Sounds delicious! And you can find it here.

6. Good girl, Carolina Herrera

Perfumes that smell rich; Carolina Herrera, Good Girl

Good girls also have their bold, intense and sensual sides, and they need scents that represent their two facets. Let this fragrance of tuberose and jasmine conquer you and get it here.

7. Absolutely flourishing, Dior

Perfumes that smell rich; Dior, Miss Dior absolutely flourishing

In love and dreamy. Your sensitive soul deserves a suitable perfume, so if you want to smell of sweet raspberry, pomegranate and currants, you must let yourself be enveloped by Absolutely Blooming. You can buy it here.

8. Dylan Blue, Versace

Perfumes that smell rich; Versace, Dylan Blue

Being intense is an attribute of women who dare to pursue their dreams and break down any barrier, and this Versace perfume goes perfectly with those qualities. Soak up the smell of papyrus, black pepper, and incense here.

9. Flower, Kenzo

Perfumes that smell rich; Kenzo flower

Flowers make the world more beautiful and the amazing thing is that they can be born even on asphalt, they will always find a way. If you are a woman who flourishes even in adversity, the aroma of poppies is for you. make click here and take possession of your essence.

Now you have some tips to choose your perfume and prepare to eventually return to your activities with a better version of you. Remember that you can buy any of these recommendations in Liverpool and receive them directly at your home.

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