9 things that happen to your body when you don’t sleep well


Sleeping is one of the greatest pleasures in life, we all enjoy being able to stay in bed late without worrying about having to get up to go to university or the office, but unfortunately there are more days that we must get up early than those that we can stay asleep.

That is why it is important to rest in the correct way to have better health and performance in your day to day. The reality is that sleeping just enough time is necessary, because if not, there will be problems that no one wants and that can even become bad habits.

1. Your immune system deteriorates

Girl sick with flu, drinking tea and blowing her nose

Sleeping well and enough time helps your body’s defenses to rise; But on the contrary, if you don’t rest properly, you are likely to get sick more easily.

2. You are more hungry

Table full of food

It is known that those who sleep less than seven hours tend to gain weight, as the levels of leptin are reduced, which is the chemical in charge of making you feel satisfied when you are eating.

3. You are more prone to accidents

Girl sitting on the floor after having a car accident

When you sleep little your body only wants to rest, that is why you feel sleepy all day, which can cause accidents because you do not have all your concentration on what you do, especially when you drive.

4. Your memory begins to fail

Girl thinking

When you do not rest your brain is in an endless period of fatigue, causing you to feel lethargic and making it difficult for you to think, process and store information, even if you have heard it a few minutes before.

5. You may suffer from depression and anxiety

Girl on the sad bed

Believe it or not, if you usually sleep less than six hours it is very likely that at some point in your life you will suffer symptoms of depression and anxiety, which should be treated by professionals.

6. You could get diabetes

Plate with fruits and vegetables

When you usually sleep for a short time, the body modifies the way it processes glucose, so you can get type 2 diabetes.

7. Your sex life is affected

Couple sitting in the trunk of a pickup truck

It is no secret that for a good sexual performance you need energy, and generally those who do not get enough sleep have a lower sexual appetite and, as a consequence, their relationship problems may increase.

8. Your heart suffers

Girl touching the area where the heart is located

Not sleeping well has been linked to heart conditions and blood pressure, so if you want a long and good life, choose to get enough rest and the necessary time.

9. You age faster

Woman looking in the mirror and seeing if she has expression lines

Sleeping little not only leaves you with huge dark circles, but also causes expression lines and wrinkles to be more noticeable, because having a good skin care routine is one thing, but if you don’t sleep long enough that will not help. nothing.

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