9 Tips to celebrate Christmas in a sustainable way


Christmas is one of the most celebrated celebrations around the world but it is also one of the seasons of the year when more garbage and pollution are generated, and we are not only talking about gift wrapping or plastic packaging, but also about all electrical energy that is used.

For this reason, we want to share some tips that will surely be of great use to you if you are looking for a way to enjoy the holiday in a better way and being friendly with the environment.

1. Use seasonal and regional ingredients

Vegetables on a wooden table

Cook Christmas Eve dinner using ingredients that are in season, as well as those from the region where you live. In this way, unnecessary energy expenditure such as transportation, distribution and storage of ingredients will be avoided, since everything is produced naturally and locally in your city, in addition, your dinner will have a much richer flavor.

2. Opt for cloth napkins at dinner

Cloth napkins folded in the shape of a Christmas tree

We tend to use a lot of napkins at a family dinner and this becomes completely unnecessary waste. For this reason, instead of using paper napkins, we recommend using cloth napkins that are much more elegant and can be combined with dishes, tablecloths and cutlery, in addition, you can use them as many times as you want, since it is only necessary to wash them, put them to dry and clever.

3. It’s time to use your dishes

Porcelain tableware for Christmas dinner

It is true, washing dishes is not a task we enjoy, but using the dishes for special occasions is the best option to say goodbye to the disposable plates, glasses and cutlery that can remain in the world for centuries. So choose to use it during dinners and when the time comes to wash it, ask a family member for help, the task will be less heavy and they can talk while cleaning.

4. Learn how to wrap gifts in a Environmentally friendly

Gifts wrapped in recycled paper

An eco-friendly Christmas doesn’t have to be Grinch-style and the gifts you give can have all the style you want, just find a way to generate less waste. A simple way to achieve this is by recycling gift bags or wrapping gifts in newspaper or recycled paper, in this way you will be giving a second life to objects that you may have previously considered as garbage.

5. Give away things that they will really use

Box with various gifts inside

It is true that sentimental gifts are nice, but most of the time they are not useful. The Christmas cards with the passing of the days will be forgotten in a drawer and years later they will be in the trash, so it is better to choose to give gifts that are useful for those you love. If there is enough confidence, ask them what they want to receive, this way you will ensure that they will put it to great use.

6. you attire Christmas Eve can be “recycled”

Camel leather jacket, pearl turtleneck sweater, black jeans, black boots and tote bag

We all love to see ourselves beautiful in the holidays, we almost always buy new clothes to look more glamorous, but we are not aware that we fall into consumerism and fast fashion. A way of seeing ourselves beautiful by being Environmentally friendly And also taking care of our pocket is to resort to second-hand bazaars, there are hundreds of them and the best of all is that you can find beautiful clothes in very good condition and at a super price.

7. Use series of LED lights

Staircase decorated with Christmas escarole

Christmas decorations make the magic of Christmas really feel, because a decoration without lights is not the same, but these tend to damage the environment and your pocket, so you should consider using LED lights to save so much energy electric as money. In this way you will avoid fire risks and they will last much longer, so in the long term you will spend much less.

8. Reuse Christmas decorations

Small table decorated with snowmen, according to Christmas

Everything we use to decorate at Christmas is usually plastic or, failing that, porcelain, it is not necessary to buy spheres every year, so take care of your ornaments, you will see that if you keep them in good condition, you can use them many times and In this way, avoid throwing away plastic and spending money on new decorations.

9. Forget the natural tree and buy a synthetic one

Decorated Christmas tree

It’s true, natural trees are beautiful, they smell fabulous and your house looks fantastic, but without roots they die after a few weeks, they will become a waste and you will only have given them a single use. For this reason, we recommend that you invest in a good synthetic tree, which can last for years and without harming nature.

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