Bridal face masks designed to say ‘YES’ in style

Bridal face masks designed to say ‘YES’ in style

As the COVID-19 pandemic began, many projects fell apart: graduations, trips, concerts, birthdays, and weddings. Many did not want to take the risk and with sacrifice managed to change the date to say “yes” at the altar, for others it was not an option to change the day they waited so long and have had to think of ideas to unite their life with the person they love with due security measures.

This is how fashion has had to adapt to make the accessory of the moment: mouth covers for brides, made with beautiful fabrics and in the right color for the occasion. Bridal house David Bridal launched a special edition of masks that have caused all kinds of comments. They are priced at $ 19.95 and are available in five designs.

Delicate design for a special day


It is no longer enough just with veil and headdress.

The best thing is how it looks

Bride with face mask

In virtual stores like Etsy you can find other types of designs that are also very cute.

A discreet floral print

Girl's Mouth Cover

If your style is more classic, you can find this model here.

Simple and very elegant

Girl's Mouth Cover

Buy it here.

Let’s not forget the bridesmaids

Girl's Mouth Cover

Click here.

For brides with simple tastes

Girl's Mouth Cover

Did you like them? They are obtained here.

With a golden touch

Girl's Mouth Cover

You find him giving click here.

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