Carrot, the app that scolds you if you dare to break the diet


Every day new and different ideas are born, and recently a quite striking and functional application came to the App Store platform: It is Carrot, a application that helps you follow your diet control to the letter.

And it is that despite the fact that we already knew Abusive Gym Reminder and the famous bracelet that touches you if you break the diet, we must admit that an extra option is never too much, because if we want to achieve our goals, extra help is never too much.

It will become your faithful companion

Promotional image for Carrot app
The application It is characterized by its artificial intelligence, and thanks to this, communication with the user can be maintained through a different motivation than the conventional one, since Carrot will be in charge of giving you sarcastic and to some extent discouraged messages, with which you can continue to carry out your diet and exercise as it should be.

What is it for?

Display of what the Carrot app looks like

The application will help us keep a caloric control of the food eaten and the physical activity that is carried out day by day. When you start using the application you create an avatar, which is fattening if you do not do the right activities, synonymous with the fact that this really happens to you.

In addition to this, it also provides us with information about the calories contained in each food.

You must try it and test yourself!

Display of what the Carrot app looks like

Carrot is available for free in the App Store and is compatible with the update from iOS 8 onwards. According to its creator, Brian Muller, the intention of this application It is not to make the user feel bad but to motivate him in a different and fun way, so that little by little he can begin to stick to his diet and sports.

I really built this app to get people to do things they HATE to do, like waking up early or losing weight, in a fun and award-winning way. I was looking for something different because apps that are overlay get boring.

—Brian Muller, creator of Carrot.

Make Carrot the voice of your conscience, and comply with discipline and will those health challenges that you have always wanted.

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