Discover the pixie cut that suits you best according to the shape of your face


Long hair is beautiful, no one can deny it; However, it needs a lot of care and treatments to keep it shiny and healthy, not to mention that combing it can be a real headache.

If we talk about the cuts pixieWell, then we must mention several advantages: they are manageable, easy to comb, in hot weather they keep you cool, and also have personality. If you are still hesitating to cut it this way, here we give you the best cuts pixie for each type of face.

Round face

Girl with a pixie cut with vulmen in the back and fringe in front

Generally, the length that best suits round faces is up to the chin. With a little volume at the crown you will make your face look longer and more defined.

Square face

Keira Knightley with short pixie hair

To reduce the attention to your jaw, you need to make a cut at the height of the ear and with a messy style at the top or, well, add a fringe; In this way you will make your jaw look smaller and also make the face look more rounded.

Oval face

Katy Perry with pixie cut hair

The advantages of an oval face is that any cut pixie It is doing well, so you can do one from the level of the cheeks to another that is almost shaved, with or without volume. Your face will look defined and stylized, and your neck longer and slimmer.

Face heart

Anne Hataway with pixie cut hair

This type of face is favored by cuts at the level of the cheeks or less, but with layers at the front and small locks that frame the face; In this way you can make the cheeks appear marked and defined.

Rectangular face

Girl with pixie cut hair with bangs

All the pixie that they have volume to the sides and not along the rectangular faces do very well; if you are planning to do bangs make sure it is sideways otherwise the face will look coarser and more square.

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