Edama noodles in a creamy lemon and basil sauce


You are looking for Variety on the pasta shelf? After a splash of color on the menu? Then it will be from today green on our pasta plate! The reason for this is not about spinach, instead it proves spicy Edamame beans their main course qualities. While we harvested the small, unripe ones, Representatives of the soybean especially as salty snack in japanese restaurant know, they have long since conquered the pasta world! No wonder: Edama noodles not only bring a variety of colors to the fork, they also go with you plenty of protein and fiber on. Allergy sufferers and followers of the low-carb diet will also get their money’s worth, because edama noodles are gluten free and clear carbohydrate reduced. And because a noodle, no matter what color, never comes alone, we conjure up a fixed Sauce made from cashew nuts, lemon juice and basil to. Who would have thought that there is so much pleasure in little beans?

Extra tip

If you don’t have a high-speed blender, you should soak your cashew nuts in a bowl of water overnight before cooking.

Preparation steps

Cook edama noodles al dente according to the instructions on the packet. Put aside.

Cut the onion and garlic into fine cubes and sauté in a pan with a little oil until translucent. Let cool slightly.

Put all ingredients, except the basil, in a high-performance mixer and mix to a homogeneous mass.

Put the sauce in a pan and heat it up. Stir in the pasta. Cut the basil into coarse strips and stir in. Serve garnished with pepper, lemon zest, edamame beans, basil and coarsely chopped coconut chips, depending on your taste.

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