Frozen yogurt bars with strawberries and pistachios


How can you snack yogurt without spooning it? Quite simply: it ends up as an icy one Frozen yogurt bars with fresh strawberries, roasted pistachios and some honey on the plate. With its higher fat content, Greek yogurt stays extra creamy and fresh, even ice cold. A cool summer snack that melts in your mouth without a spoon and provides real refreshment.

Extra tip

To the frozen mass more easily out of shape to loosen, you can carefully insert the shape into a Bath with hot water put. Let thaw briefly and pull gently on the protruding film again and again until the mixture loosens. You should cut the bars eat it immediately or Pack in foil in portions and direct freeze again.

Preparation steps

Line the rectangular shape with cling film.

Wash and chop the strawberries. Roast the pistachios in a pan.

Mix the yogurt with 3/4 of the honey, vanilla extract and salt. Pour the mixture into the mold and smooth it out.

Mix the strawberries and pistachios with the rest of the honey and distribute evenly on the yoghurt mixture, freeze for at least 4 hours (preferably overnight).

Carefully remove the mass from the mold with the foil. Moisten the knife in hot water and cut the frozen yogurt into even bars.

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