Goodbye to squats! These routines will help you tone your glutes


There are certain exercise routines that help us tone different areas of the body and the results are visible in just a few weeks; however, with squats it is different. You may do series after series and never see your buttocks firm, but it may be because you are not exercising properly.

It is important to vary your routines and experiment with those that help you work the muscles in that specific area. Here is a quick routine that has nothing to do with squats.

1. Throw

This exercise works the entire lower body area. To do this you have to put the front leg, which works the glutes and thighs, and the back leg, the quads and calves.

2. Hip extension

Stand in a quadruped position with your elbows, forearms, and knees resting on a mat, lift each leg back, with the knee at a 90-degree angle and the sole of the foot facing the ceiling. It is important that you keep your neck straight and your back straight. You must intensify the “kicks” so that the muscle is even more toned.

3) Yarn

Bike routines help you tone your thighs, hips, and glutes, while working to improve your cardiovascular system. To make matters worse, you burn calories and reduce fat in different areas of your body.

4. Hip lift

Exercise gif to tone your buttocks

This exercise is done sitting on your heels; that is, with the buttocks on them. You have to tense up when you get up to the normal kneeling position, and then slowly lower yourself to the starting position.

5) Hip thrust on back

This exercise, also known as a “glute bridge”, is very effective and in addition to helping you tone them, it makes you burn calories.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet shoulder width apart. Raise your hip off the floor, raising it to the maximum, tighten your glutes, and keep your abdomen stiff. Hold the position for several seconds and then slowly lower.

6) Plank with rotation

This exercise will help you strengthen your glutes, legs and abdomen, and will also help you with balance. On a mat, place your hands and legs as if you were going to perform a “lizard”, then turn your body upwards and stretch your hand, as if trying to reach the ceiling.

7. Side jumps

This is a good exercise to develop the agility of your lower body. Start standing with your feet together, lean forward pressing your hips back, keep your back straight and your abs rigid.

Then take a long jump to the right and land gently on your right foot; Repeat the action on the other side, and each time you do it press your glutes.

8) Legs raised

With this exercise you will not only tone your buttocks, but also your abdominal and hip muscles. Lie on your back and stretch your hands very well to your side, then raise your legs and then slowly lower.

9) Mountaineers

For this exercise, your upper body has to remain at the same height and only move your legs as if you were climbing a mountain.

10. Elastic bands

Girl doing an exercise with elastic bands

To do this exercise you need to have elastic bands. Kneel down on the floor and with one knee hold one end of the band, and with the other stretch little by little, just as shown in the image.

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