Lose weight and forget about inflammation with the alkaline diet


Surely at least once in your life you have heard the term ‘alkaline foods’, and they are more popular than you think since they help in weight loss, balance pH and prevent conditions. We explain a little: all the food we eat is acidic or, in its absence, alkaline, if after eating you feel sleepy or inflamed it is because you have ingested many acids; However, if you ate vegetables, it is normal to feel satiated and full of energy, which is why your body is alkalinized.

Despite this, nutrition specialists assure that it is necessary to maintain a balance between both states since good nutrition is vital in our lives. Now you will learn the benefits of alkaline foods, what they are, how to eat them and their help to lose weight.

What are alkaline foods?

Alkaline food plate, asparagus with radishes, and various vegetables, plus olive oil

As its name says, they are foods that keep our bodies in their normal state: being alkalized;They are rich in potassium, calcium, sodium, manganese, magnesium and zinc, and best of all, we only need to add a rich amount of raw fruits and vegetables to our diet, avoid the consumption of red meat, dairy and food. processed, in addition to adding nuts. As you can see, they are foods that we already know and surely we have at home, only we do not know their benefits or how to eat them.

What are its benefits?

Green juice with red berries in glass cup

  • They create healthy habits: As the alkaline diet is a way to eat healthy, it encourages the consumption of many fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts; reduces the intake of meat, sugars and alcohol, making us feel better.
  • Improve stomach health: By nature it is normal for the stomach to be acidic, so when consuming alkaline foods, what is done is send less acid to the intestine during digestion.
  • They prevent cancer: Because cancer cells need an acidic environment to reproduce, eating an alkaline diet reduces the chance that they will appear.
  • Avoid osteoporosis: By consuming few alkaline foods, the appearance of bone problems is possible, since having so much acidity in our body, the only way to decrease it is by extracting calcium from the bones and alkalizing; By starting with this type of diet you will avoid this disease.
  • You lose weight healthily: With this type of diet, it is possible to avoid being overweight and get rid of those extra kilos, since by mixing acid and alkaline foods correctly, weight loss as well as being smarter is healthy.

Lose weight by eating them

The fact that you start with an alkaline diet does not mean that results will be noticed overnight, so to notice any change in your body it is good to try to carry out this habit for at least a week, and so that it is not so abrupt or restricted we leave several suggestions for you to include some in your day to day.


Alkaline breakfast fruit and cereal bowl

You can eat sweet fruits, so you will be ingesting some sugar and also you will feel with a increase energy; prepare a bowl of fresh fruits like strawberry, coconut or apple; add almonds, dates or blueberries; And put some kind of cereal on it, maybe quinoa, chia, or oatmeal. If you want to vary you can make a smoothie, so despite eating the same it will be a different version, just remember to use vegetable milks.

Snack mid-morning

Sweet Fruit Bowl: Peaches, Fresh Blueberries and Blackberries

Because in the alkaline diet you want to speed up your metabolism, what you do is not to let periods of more than 4 hours pass between main courses, so your first snack It can be very sweet fruit like pears, bananas, mangoes or dried cranberries.


Food plate, salad with legumes, lemon, and some tortilla chips

This is where everything gets interesting because many girls, so as not to get complicated and get out of trouble, plan to eat a salad for their entire week, but the truth is that you end up getting bored and you leave aside the goal of having varied foods. First of all, our body no longer needs more sugar but nutrients, so it adds enough vegetables such as spinach, cauliflower, carrots or peppers; add some form of carbohydrate, perhaps brown rice, beans, chickpeas, or lentils; and play with spices, pepper, garlic powder, thyme, cumin, and even vinaigrettes become your best friends. Always remember to eat by drinking natural water.

Snack pm

Natural unsalted nuts in containers and dishes

The day is about to end, so it is necessary to avoid sugars; he snack Now it can be seeds like walnuts, almonds, India nuts or Macadamia nuts (without salt).


Dinner with protein, accompanied by rice, avocado and roasted peppers

It is the last meal of the day and it is necessary that we do not ingest excess amounts, so the portion will be smaller than what you made for the meal but a little larger than appetizers; this is where you will eat protein and the only meats that achieve greater alkalinity are fish and chicken; the portion of protein should be the size of the palm of your hand and accompany with some of the vegetables for food.

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