Make refreshing lemon ice cream yourself – the basic recipe


Summersun, Lemon ice cream! The fruity and creamy ice cream is definitely my first choice in the ice cream parlor on hot days. But when it’s 35 degrees in the shade, even for summer children like me, going into town is too arduous. How good that my tangy lemon ice cream so easy to do yourself is. Only 4 ingredients separate me from my ice happiness Balconies. The ice cream mass is quickly set and moved into the ice cream machine, so that you too can enjoy your refreshing lemon ice cream two hours later. Enojy your meal!

Would you like to prepare your own ice cream for the first time? In our detailed Make your own ice cream guide we’ll show you how it’s done and give you practical tips and tricks with which you can create your favorite ice cream flavors at home.

Preparation steps

Mix the yogurt, lemon juice and 60g powdered sugar until creamy and set aside.

Separate the eggs and beat the egg whites until stiff. Gradually stir in the rest of the powdered sugar.

Fold the yogurt mixture into the egg white mixture, stir well and add lemon zest.

Pour the ice cream mass into the ice cream maker and let it freeze for 60 minutes.

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