Men are attracted to each other when drunk: study


It has happened to all of us and there is nothing wrong with it. When we bring a few extra drinks, we tend to be more outgoing and flirtatious than usual, but it seems that we are not the only ones.

According to a study published in The Journal of Social Psychology, Heterosexual men are physically attracted to others when they are drinking quite frequently, which makes sense since alcoholic beverages make us more uninhibited in society.

A drink makes us happier

Group of friends toasting

The study conducted a test in which volunteers were taken to a bar for a few drinks. Although the conversation was never tense between them, as the number of drinks progressed, the way of relating was increasingly uninhibited and even daring, making it clear that any question asked could be answered without any problem.

At the end of the day, we are all attractive

Group of friends drinking

This allowed the researchers to easily interview each of them, asking who they were most likely to have sex with. Although at first everyone assured that it would be with a woman, the more alcoholic they were, the more likely they were to find each other attractive.

Finally, after drinking about ten drinks, the men interviewed felt the same type of attraction for a woman as for a man, making it clear that alcohol not only disinhibits, but also transforms the person’s perception capacity.

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