Norwegian hospitals have outdoor cabins to heal their patients


Living a few minutes a day with nature gives us tranquility, happiness and reduces stress. In Norway they have taken this practice to a higher level and two major hospitals have implemented recovery cabins in the forest for their patients.

Pollution, stress, bad habits and terrible food make us sick little by little, that is why these fully equipped cabins have exceptional views and provide a quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city; In this way, people can recover from trauma or accidents much faster.

They are surrounded by nature

friluftssykehuset or outdoor hospitals

These outdoor hospitals, also known as recreation hospital: “Recreation Hospital”, built by the University of Oslo Hospital and the Sørlandet Hospital, raise awareness of the importance of returning to nature to heal.

With such a space, anyone recovers energy

friluftssykehuset or outdoor hospitals

This recovery option offers maximum well-being and completely eliminates stress.

Norwegians recognize the benefits of the natural environment

friluftssykehuset or outdoor hospitals

And they do not hesitate to apply it to the people who need it most

friluftssykehuset or outdoor hospitals

Outdoor hospitals should be a role model around the world, don’t you think?

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