See how to choose the right boots for your daily activity


Women always have a problem in the morning to choose clothes, we seek to look good but feel comfortable, there is nothing worse than shoes that damage your foot and you have to endure them all day; with most heels that happens, that’s why many girls refrain from wearing them and opt for tennis or floors to not worry about anything.

Although if we talk about comfort, there are also boots and ankle boots that give us a more tidy look without sacrificing comfort, and there is a different style for each activity! Look at some options to combine with your favorite clothes:

1. Vibrant colors for outings with your friends

Blonde girl poses in black pants, animal print blouse and red ankle boots

2. Dr. Martens style for school

Medium-haired girl takes a selfie in front of the mirror with oversized gray sweater, black pants and dr boots. white martens

3. Chunky heel for days when you are going to walk a lot

Tall, tanned girl poses on steps with long black dress with white stars and black hat

4. Square heel to be impeccable at work

Girl walks down the street wearing jeans, white blouse and black ankle boots

5. With openings for casual outings

Elegant girl walks through the street in light denim pants, emerald green blouse, black hat, and booties with front slit

6. In two colors to go to a bar or eat

Olivia Culpo in black pants, rock leather jacket and black ankle boots from the front

7. ‘Worker’ style for cold or rainy days

Blonde woman sitting on steps touches hair with right hand and wears black pants, denim jacket and camel-colored tomberland boots

8. Stiletto heel for a date

Tanned woman wears black leather skirt, black, red and white striped sweater and white ankle boots

9. With print for a concert

Girl with long wavy brown hair standing on the street in black pants and jacket, white blouse and animal print ankle boots

10. With thin heel and laces for work joints

Woman crosses the street wearing black sunglasses, coffee jacket, black pencil skirt, and black stiletto booties

11. Below the knee for an afternoon with friends

Blonde woman with sunglasses, black dress and camel boots below the knee

12. Registration for a Look glamorous

Elegant woman in gray dress, red high boots and a black bag with a chihuahua dog

13. With a circular skirt to go to the movies with you Special person

Girl takes selfie in front of mirror with beige sweater, black circular skirt and black high boots

14. Light in color for a Sunday lunch

Blonde girl in army green blouse and ripped jeans with gray ankle boots

15. Short with a low heel to shine at work

Blonde girl in black sweater, yellow and red pashmina, gray jeans and low booties

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