Skorts are back this summer


The most comfortable trend of this year has arrived: the shortage. What is a shortage? It is the simple fusion between a short and a miniskirt, or, what we already knew from girls like the short-skirt; and it is that with this new fashion to want to bring back the classics of past eras it is not surprising that the garment that we used to go to school or go out to play without teaching too much, is coming back.

Perfect for spring, summer, autumn or winter, the shortage They are back to stay, since unlike minis they can be used to do any type of activity without neglecting style or comfort. Below we show you basic ways – and not so much – to encourage you to use this piece that you will definitely want in your closet.

1. A shortage leather with your favorite boots

2. Can be denim with color accents

denim skort, an ice cream

3. With heels and a simple top

Taylor Swift with skort and heels

4. You can get a shortage of tweed

skirt the tweed with a sweater

5. With a sweater for the fall

girl with sweater and skort, hat and bag

6. With a simple T-shirt for a Look more casual

girl with skort and black t-shirt, tennis and socks

7. The shortage mini are ideal for summer

chcia with skort mini and leather boots

8. The dress shirt gives you a more formal vibe

girl in striped shirt and dress skirt

9. You can start with a shortage tables black

girl with black skort and striped t-shirt

10. Or dare to wear one with flights and patterned

girl in gray t-shirt, belt and checkered skort

11. Also wear it for the office with a button down blouse

girl in button down shirt, plaid skirt and sunglasses

12. A shortage with vibrations tropical

girl in green patterned skirt, sunglasses and white shirt

13. Try it with your favorite top

black and white dotted skirt with a white long sleeve top

14. Or you can combine it in layers for the winter

girl with beige skirt, brown blouse and knitted sweater

15. The idea is to let your imagination run wild

girl in gray skirt and blue sweater

16. And don’t be afraid to be daring

girl in green sweater and plaid skort

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